Girly shredded Banksy Le Balloon featured in & # 39; Germany, sans shredder


05 February, 2019 11:40:10

Banksy's work was largely damaged by a hidden split in the second frame after he was sold at Sotheby's auction back in an exhibition in a Germanic museum.

And as long as a media pack was waiting to be marked so that it could be put to the stunning prankster artist's stunt, keepers of the Frieder Burda Museum held them unlikely, with the Gutting has been convicted.

Main points:

  • The keepers of the museum would cut wires to split hidden within the framework of the artwork
  • The device killed part of the painting after being sold at auction
  • Carers decided not to put on people to ' see the artwork, and comply with Banksy's art philosophy

"We opened the frame and found the shredder machine, the sticks, the wires and we succeeded in removing the batteries and cutting the wires," said the director of the Henning Schaper museum .

The work is now hanging in the state-of-the-art museum's museums, largely destroyed by strip and destruction; striking from the base of the remote frame.

The work, sold by Sotheby's Lady of Balloon, shows an image that was first broken by Banksy painting on the London Waterloo Bridge in 2002.

At the moment, the rupture machine fell, a hidden device inside the bottom half of the work, which had just sold over a million pounds. Banksy is then officially named as Love in the Pin.

"Some people thought the house was there. They were not," said the artist on Instagram.

The proprietor agreed, an unidentified European art collector, went through the purchase of the design and was taken to the museum for a month.

This is the first time the work has been revealed in a museum since it was destroyed by October's reign, and is a big band for the gallery.

"We have to resist the disruption to showcase the picture like a cup," said Mr Schaper.

"It would not be assured what the artist was to remember.

"We wanted to connect to its philosophy by hanging artwork where people do not have to pay for entry, and acquire knowledge of Banksy's art and join us in an important debate on art development market. "

Although the framework was a danger to keepers about museums, the most important feature of the work could be.

CEO of Sotheby's contemporary art in Europe Alex Branczik told the probation board at a Art Magazine. Pest Control was a keep out the picture in the frame when he went up for a rup.

"Pest Control said: the framework is essential to the artwork, which was, not just the kind of way we thought," said Mr Branzcik in October.

"The work was not completed to 9 something f on Friday, 5 October.

"This is the artwork that Banksy intended, designed to be like this."

After the work was being sold and then climbed, Banksy made a "cutting edge" of the stunt, including a photograph that was recorded from inside the auction house.

The vision showed that the artist's team tried to test it; a remote shredder, designed to destroy it completely, rather than leaving it altogether.

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