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Great problem with his answer, tossing a coin

Even after apologizing and standing down, Eddie McGuire cannot escape from Australia.

Collingwood's latest choreography followed the way in which journalists and walkers gave their players the route to explain exactly what McGuire got so wrong doing another cafe. air to add to the list of letters.

Welcoming the evening night's night by Fox Footy's Swans against Adelaide, McGuire mocked Cynthia Banham – the Swans ambassador – to throw his pre-game cast, suggesting that those who do not apply the whole amount.

McGuire did not know Banham – a former journalist who had both suffered an attack after a plane dig in 2007 who killed 21 people – throwing the coin.

It was another moment that the reporters made of early media who have struggled in recent years with suggestions for drowning, and praise for, the AFL journalist Caroline Wilson. Promoting King Kong days immediately after it? in a game against the Magpies.

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McGuire stood out from his TV commitments for the weekend's football and agreed that if anyone took away his mockery of Banham, saying that he was t He was "spoiled" when he learned about his position.

Returning to the airwaves on M Triple M Hot breakfast this morning, McGuire said he was "physically ill" about the controversy and had no idea that Banham was responsible for the loss.

“I wouldn't have made light on a disabled man,” said McGuire. “It was only a unfortunate sequence of events but it belongs to them. I didn't know who made the toss, I didn't watch the monitor.

“Out of my eye I saw the bottom going out and I went on a flood of adventure.” T

His words were not, however, regrettable after the truth was done to stop the anger.


Writing for Western Australiawell known journalist Jenna Clarke called McGuire “a source of the highest order”, and pointed out that the biggest problem with his previous issue is the inception of throwing it. themselves, but what he did after that.

Clarke said that McGuire's words were wrong. “This is the first ambition of a culture that tells how it sees it and the world,” wrote Clarke. T “Remember the Latin coat of arms; Orry We apologize that you should have gone wrong, it should be his emblem.

“With each hour passing – or the case – every dispute that is sad, deaf, his legacy becomes bigger and harder.

“As McGuire – an image of the game – does not read the room, it's not to mention all of his pre-match statements from those days he takes a while away from the screens to join the society in 2019. ” t

It was a topic that led Swans Brandon Jack, who brought out his case with McGuire's first attempt to break the situation.

“Immediately, he moves the responsibility, because we are the ones who misunderstood what he said. It's not Eddie's blame, it's the fault because we took the wrong way, ”Jack wrote in a column for 10 per day.

“That is a great line that went around, Eddie, it's true. But you said that in a direct relationship to Cynthia Banham, you don't say you have anything to do with her. You didn't just think about how your words might affect someone else, and now you will need to deal with the effects. ”

Sun Herald football superstar Mark Robinson was just as fair as standing with McGuire for a horrible movement that should not be shown to someone in a footballing world.

“The time it is passing and delivering a joke is that it should not be hard for what he was interested in in the years t for the final aim of humor discomfort, ”Robinson wrote. t

“Everybody makes mistakes, but for a man he loves, without accident, he accidentally opens up his mouth unknowingly. It's a motion. The swans want McGuire a penalty with the AFL and how that will be interesting to see. ”


Writing for The PoolJake Neil said: "I want an awful lot of people coming around the country who wants blood. There will be no more hurt by these spread words than Eddie McGuire".

Neil said emperor McGuire has been in trouble for unconscious comments when he is head of Collingwood, he has done much to make the club a forward-thinking club with wheelchairs and women's teams. The Australians, the Australians and the Australians.

Then Andrew Pridham, chairman of Swans on the AFL said that he would do something about McGuire's case, ensuring that the league showed “dominance” by ensuring that there were victories. where such a size can happen.

But Niall said there is no definite punishment that can happen, rather than saying that McGuire's biggest disease will be a bad sorrow.

“Eddie McGuire will have the biggest impact from his latest most successful buffet, and to consolidate the impact of two previous battles over the last six years,” wrote Neil. “There is unlikely to be any formal punishment, but even if it were not, it would be substantially incompatible with the smell and the self-feeling.

“It won't pull Foot Footy from the air. Collingwood does not understand from the chairman of the president he has been receiving for forty years and the AFL has little involvement in the prescription of a television presenter appearing to the clan chief until t unexpected but shamefully scary. ” t

While some of the attacks on McGuire have focused on his personal weaknesses, ABC columnist Richard Hinds believes that his views on Banham are reflecting the decline in India. sports coverage standards – and McGuire added.

“Regarding the broadcast sports users, McGuire's critique of consumers was just another example of the quick removal of sports commentary and analysis,” wrote Hinds.

“The relevant question was not about McGuire's ideas, which was properly expressed by ABC's national sports editor David Mark, about the attitudes that he thinks.

“This is why McGuire could do them through sports coverage.

“In this sense, McGuire fell into a rib that helped him get involved – and even in a positive position in his work. AFL Footy Show – the artificial motto, blonde and matey in a joke that now mocked for some really fun commentary on some platforms.

“If your type of narrative is the kind of person who usually switches with raised spirals in a class trigonometry class desks, you're sure you will be in trouble earlier or longer – or t the McGuire case, both. "

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