Green Day 2019 2019 Spoilers: The Plet Stories and the Pranks published

Microsoft bannes White Day on April this year, but many companies still accept their gay side. Here are the best (and worst) online gags to watch out this year – from chips of potato with fingerprint plates in the form of translation facts.

The modern-day ban of hidden goods and services from the crust is worthy of apprehension. There are also a few that we are looking for. (Sign up for HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub!)

We will be updating this list all day and so look back for more images of videos and videos. You can also check the best jokes from April April April at the bottom of the article.

"Feel the awful feeling of the qualities created by your old desktop classic? Say Hello to the Ultimate Ultimate Hub, a modern technical gadget from HYPER – their character applications in one machine.

"This new message will be worth 40 tunes and has been appropriately nominated by the HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub. In addition to its arsenal of USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports, the Ultimate Ultimate Hub offers a range of new technology. Typical user, including two RCA connections, its reader for your collection of flexible disks, and a built-in speaker double as a space device, with its temperature depending on the number of t active links to the USB-C center.


  • Heavy and heavy substance.
  • Safe battery pack safe with 100Wh / 27000mAh
  • Speaker 2-in-1 and space engine uses the same airfill air masses (Template by number of active links)
  • Big USB-C with 40 tunes in total
  • 9 x USB-C
  • 9 x USB-A
  • 2 x microSD
  • 2 x SD
  • 1 x 3.5mm jack sound
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 2 x DisplayPort
  • 1 x Mini DVI
  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 x Ethernet
  • 1 x Modm RJ-11
  • 1 x Audio Optical “Toslink”
  • 1 x Firewire 400
  • 1 x Firewire 800
  • 2 x RCA
  • 1 x Parallel Port
  • 1 x Serial Port
  • 1 x PS / 2
  • 1 x At Port
  • 1 x 3.5 ”Disorder Drive

““ TID is a free tattoo spellchecker: We're back. “Before the traveler applied for a tattoo, the App will be scanned on the artist's splash page to color tattoos among English people. and Indonesia characters, ensuring that they are not tired for life. The application includes an option for you to share the tattoo with your mother to allow it at a button (pressing your mother on the application) downloaded. "

"ContikiCam has been launching on the 1st of April, and captures every move that passengers have to allow friends and family to carry on. T from the comfort of their own home By ContikiCam ™, your friends will be able to sign in into your living food and follow your journey, every step of the way!

"In response to a customer demand, ZATH DAY IS IN THE Darling Harbor is delighted that his latest show – the Bin Chicken exhibition – has been announced by Emma Malik, Managing Boy of Bin, that the conference has been co-operative. T close to the opening in an answer to: “Our international guests regularly ask why their favorite animal in Australia is not, the beautiful brown Bin here in the zoo, for that everyone can enjoy it. "

The Chickens Banner will be renowned for their native Australian animals, and they will be a leading company in koalas, kangaroos, Davey the quokka, Rocky the salted crocodile and the Tasmanian Diaman at the Sydney Wildlife Sufficiency. The exhibition will be open from 1 April and is sure to be a popular event. "

"Did you get a hold of a hook, a line and that is with the little dwarf? We hope we didn't attack it. We don't want you to feel that you are leaving at sea, causing no reading. ", why not look at some of the steep-flow books below. "

"You may have heard of the UK's decision to leave the EU. Hell, you might be one of the splendid voters for it. Why would you want to go to Europe after this?

Our Webjet Australia is here to help you don't have to stay and deal with the conditions, so come out of the water and come into sunny Australia on one of our $ 1 international flights. , leaving every day from the UK's major cities!

"Since the famous Banana banquet in Coffs Harbor has seen it come to Big Prawn in Ballina, Australia, so it's a bit of a surprise to see why the city has drawn a drawdown card after negotiating months. Madame Tussauds Sydney he got the green light from Glasgow's Department of Big Things to launch the first huge number of Sydney fans.

“The huge number of Australian waxes will be reputable to a similar and well-known place, giving a unique picture as before. This will transform the city, become an unprecedented photographic opportunity for the ‘gram, and further improve Sydney's reputation as a prime capital city in Australia. "

Winterrun University

"Winterrun University takes students! The flagship university is the best education from the best academics in the seven kingdoms. T


"The future for micro-movement here is no longer an excuse for Aussies to join and work with the highly innovative and flexible UberGO. T Launched in an effort to reduce congestion and take the pressure from participants By capturing traffic at the highest of time, by increasing the number of road users and increasing the number of people using it. 'pogo stick', we can give other cities a different weapon to help fight with density, so pollution.

They say it's new smoking, not only does UberGO deal with carbon emissions but also makes sure you get physical activity on your day. Entrance is a great way to get the heart level to get your going through intensity – your Fitbit helps you! "

Jigsaw No-Share Pack & # 39; Lay Layer

“In collaboration with LTLI technologies, there are R&F Layouts & advanced production technology. Delivering, a limited pack No-Share Pack !! With a prospectus pack, you will be issued with a multi-widget package (and only you) to open and lock your favorite folder. It puts the pack into use when you change 30 seconds and then use the No-Share package luggage, however, you won't be worrying about removing another chip until you can focus on things more important, like enjoying your amateur. " t

Slips Pepsi Flaps at bed

"We want this to be true!" he sent on India's Facebook page. When you think of some of the strange tastes in it, Lay & Lay have gone, we are quite a bit wonder.

"LEGOLAND Discovery Center Melbourne has today announced the replacement of MINILAND Melbourne and its replacement with LEGO® of Sydney.

David Boyd, General Manager at LEGOLAND Discovery Center, says the decision replaced the Museum, the Bridge Bridge and Sydney Tower Square to replace the LEGO MCG, Sgurr Eureka and the Tower Circle.

“After careful consideration and feedback from customers, we recognize that Sydney is the capital of Australia. Is there a need for coffee made with barista, a delicious food, an international art scene and a fantastic display when you have a harbor? ”Mr Boyd said.

“The first all-weather embroidery wedding dress, the world-wide shape of the world that is packed down to the back of a size dimension is released by the main clothes stuff outside Kathmandu today. day.

“Adapt Wedding Dress is the result of a collaboration between New Zealand-born fashion designer, Tanya Carlson, and Gore-TEX fabric, which is used extensively in the Kathmandu style of clothing.

Single-to-one gown features:

  • Design engineering with GORE-TEX, allowing the uniform to be waterproof but still useful
  • Train train changes to cabbage (canoeing, heavy rain with no expectation) t
  • Unlocked from Pack & GO, allowing the clothes to go to a travel size pack
  • Large storage pockets within the dress are also allowing the wife to wife flowers, first aid or water bottles.
  • Zips inside, changing the dress, removing the bride from changing to the first waltz easily and in style t

“Duolingo rings off your phone and into the real world! With Duolingo Push, Duo the Owl shows effectively to remember how you will never miss your language learning day. "

“The American astronomer Scott Kelly, who is famous for taking the biggest time on a single mission, is launching an innovative SodaStream.ME product brand, sodaStream.ME, converting the products into high quality content. make more CO2! "

“Travelodge Hotels has just Bedshare announced – a new category of new rooms which is promising to offer 50% of discounts to guests who are 50% share of the rooms and facilities with another guest. . With Bedshare, as well as sharing a room, meal and all. resources (including towels and toilet paper) will be attempted to literally put down everything in the middle, a move that the guests are equally happy about. "

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