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Human fizards receive a variety of mechanical stimuli that will affect its & # 39; their ability to carry out their religious actions, such as being & # 39; protecting members from seriously injured. The way in which such a stimulus to living materials in vivo and in vitro is now proven on an instrument to analyze the conditions that are in place; leads to disease.

At EPFL, Selman Sakar's research team has developed micromachines capable of encouraging cells and microtissue to mechanically. These devices, which are directed by cellular muscle muscles, can perform complex functions under physical terms on a microscopic scale.

These devices include microactuators and soft robotic devices that are operated without a laser beams machine. They can also include microfluidic grips, which can be used to make combinatorial tests that are done; Includes the promotion of a comprehensive and mechanical chemical of different biological samples. This research was published Lab on a skipSouth Westerly

Mar Legos

The sciences came with his / her opinion after the locomotive system was in operation. "We wanted to create a modular system that was converted by disrupting actuators that have been distributed and how to convert compatible devices," Sakar says.

Their system includes a & # 39; Collecting different parts of hydrogen – as if it were Lego's bicks; in them – to create a consistent skeletons, and then to & # 39; Creating similar polymer connections between the skeletons and the microactuators. By combining the bikes and actuators in a variety of ways, scientists can create a series of complex micromachines.

"Our soft contracts quickly and efficiently when light is made by light near the path. When the nanoscale device carrier is complete, it will be a & # 39 ; draw on the associated tools and empower them, "said Berna Ozkale, the main author of the survey.

In this way scientists are able to make diversification of micro-animation at a distance in specific places – a comic approach that gives amazing results. The microactuators carry out every circumference in millions with large stores.

As well as its basic research resource, this technology also offers practical applications. For example, doctors may use these devices as a small medical center for mechanical mixing of mechanisms or to preserve mechanisms for the furnishing of biological agents.

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