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IKEA and Sonos show a Symfonisk lamp and shelf speakers

IKEA has collaborated with Sonos to create a pair of Symfonisk hybrid speakers that each of them acts as a copyright event.

The Symfonisk board meeting and book speakers were launched at Milan 2019's design week.

Both products, which have Wi-Fi speakers that are built that are compatible with Sonos's wireless sound system, are designed to blend into insufficient access to the home.

IKEA and Sonos will launch Symfonisk speakers
One of the lamp's speakers is also included, and the other can be used as a shelf

“At the heart of creating the IKEA Home Smart concept is environmental and resource creation, and the Symfonisk range has been devised totally with that mind,” Björn Block, IKEA Home Smart's business leader said, IKEA Sweden.

“IKEA always thinks of ideas that will improve life at home. By integrating technology with domestic furniture, we can do that better still, "he said.

IKEA and Sonos will launch Symfonisk speakers
The lamp speaker is designed to go into the home

Called the "highest table lamp", the Symfonisk With a board lamp there is a round shape with a light diffuser at the top and a medal which slopes down as an inner speaker.

It is available as a clear gray speaker with a white light or black speaker with a solar light with a gold light.

IKEA and Sonos will launch Symfonisk speakers
The lamp is available in two colors

“We knew from the start that we wanted to challenge the traditional high tech atmosphere. iKEA in Sweden.

“With the Symfonisk board lamp, IKEA and Sonos created a remarkable, amazing piece of furniture that really integrates into the home in a new way, making it easier to make furniture with sound,” said IKEA.

“It connects lights and sound in one product to clear the home from smaller devices and strings,” the brand explained. T

IKEA and Sonos will launch Symfonisk speakers
The second speaker in the collection can be put on a wall and can be used as a shelf

Apart from the collection, the book shelf Symfonisk, a rectangular speaker is fitted with a wall, can be flattened and used as a book shelf, or hung on a kitchen carriageway. he hooked the hook. Available in gray or black gray, the speaker can be placed on a shelf and used as a logger.

"Sound is a powerful part of our identity – whether it'll hear your child's smile or listen to the 1980s that your mother likes, it is a very serious part of our lives," Father Toulis, former planning chairman of Sonos.

IKEA and Sonos will launch Symfonisk speakers
The shelf can also be used as a walkway

“IKEA and Sonos recognize the importance of strong sound and the potential it has to make a difference to people's lives at home.

Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, IKEA has become the world's largest furniture retailer and last year provided the first range of speakers. Last month he released a series of furniture merchants to make it easier for people with disabilities to make their products easier. The brand is also based on a range of animal habitats that have been refreshed from the furniture used.

The Sonos company in America, founded in 2002, is uniquely recognized for its speaker systems. The company previously worked with a branbar “Hay” to create Hay and Sonos on a range of colorful speakers.

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