In Paradise the RAW details behind Alex and Richie 's split


Has been waiting for, on tonight Bachelor in Paradise Alex Nation and Richie Strahan in 2017, and it was not what we were expecting.

Details – but we have been given details of for the break up.

And how to see the intense time.


Richie replies: “Yeah absolutely. … And you know exactly what happened. What I woke up to. ”

At which point, Alex nods. And Richie continues: “I just think what someone would say.” T

(B). Tthere has been no reason for this. T


“Me? Someone something something to you? Do you really want to go there Rich? Because I feel like people, have been left alone, ”she replied.

Alex say it. Because you 're not gonna like my response. Because we did talk about it. We talked about the whole thing, ”says Richie.

“Over the phone,” she replies.

“Yeah, and what you have to do. We can. T With this. T I thought about this a lot. I go back.

. T (a). T

After more discussion BACK AND FORTH around whose decision it was, it's clear that Alex and upset at Richie for pound bench there with her, When She needed him the most.

"They said," said Alex. T

“,” She added.

It is necessary to have some 'Dutch courage' to confront challenge ex Richie.

The paradigm siculus kwa je komerjumo je komojumo.

Osher tweeted in response: “Both Richie and Alex,”.

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