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Is this a cure for cancer?

Dr Ros Walker

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


A group of Israel has been making the appeal that is very amazing to have a cure for cancer within 12 months. Before registering for a medicine or a & # 39; begin to store in & # 39; company, it's important to realize when you hear news about the main problems in medical medicine in news media, it is often not exactly straightforward, and improving its & # 39; shared price or cure is not shown but to work in the laboratories or tested email. In this case, it may be a cure but may be one of the other situations mentioned above.

At present, there are general medicines for cancer such as surgery, cemotherapy and radiotherapy. Over the past ten years, a new immunotherapy cure of immunotherapy cure is also showing a great deal of progress in doing so; handle different cancer. In addition, there is a new cure that is proven successful in people and now now used in Australia and incorporates personal remedies as well as being able to; register one's own tumor and re-register their defensive system to attack the tumor. This is called a CAR-T medicine.

This Israeli new medicine is inspired by a company, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies and the principle of using something like a CAR-T treatment. The cure called MuTaTo, which separates a separate tumor, and # 39; Assessing the different receptor on the surface of the tumor and using small groups of amino acids, called peptides to connect to those receptors, allows protein toxin to enter the cancer cell and kill the tumor. With cure as chemotherapy or immunotherapy, these remedies focus specifically on an enzyme system within a & # 39; cancer cells or in the case of immunotherapy, usually target cancer suppressors. This means that the cancer is more well-known with the protection system but this can continue to go to; struggling to cure.

The work of every living authority is to live and cancer cells are not different. When the disease causes a cure to cure, it will sometimes be at a time; Develop against medicine quickly and get cancer back. This Israeli company has a & # 39; suggest that their new remedy is targeted on many receptors on their own; cancer cell, which prevents the cells from being able to; improve their handling. Before any conflicts can occur, the toxic protocols that are heard of the small peptide cure will cause uninhabited cells to be discharged. So far, this has been working in cancer cells in the laboratory and in an experimental mice without mutually influencing but not proved in humans. This medicine appears very promising but unfortunately I heard these applications in the past, and did not change as a human medicine for cancer. I hope that I will be totally wrong in this case.

Published: Wednesday, February 06, 2019

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