Issues to issue: A & # 39; grow sweet pies, vacation cactus which allow pandup and more

A: Sweet peasut memories come back, because my mother always put on the wire fence that was around our garden, and where I learned to replace it for to succeed. A recent article by Cornell University re-determines her sweet old-life wisdom.

They thrive in cool fires, especially fresh soil, and so on; it's best to put them as early as possible, which is in the & # 39; the highest of the Midwest area around the mid-end of April. Feather planting that suffers frost down to 25 degrees.

As the coat is hard, seed seeds 24 hours in cold water. At a fence or tread base, 4 inches deep dig, 2 inch inches space and 1 inch inches. As the plants grow, they slowly fill the trench, which will keep the system deeper and cooler roots.

When planting 6 inches altogether, set out the proposals to make complex branches. Although the soil is still cool, it will put 4 inches of mulch over the basic system. Sweet peaspots tend to milk powder, and so it's a? recommends a breach of a ban on garden suspicion as growing wine.

C: Is there any idea why my cactus is my vacation breaking some of the heads? The plants are about 4 years old. – Donna Braton, Barnesville, Minn.

A: It is not always easy to tell why a Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus is leaving a stam stick, because co-settings may cause the simplest, such as warm shapes, cold drops, or soils that are too wet or soft.

Cactus saoraidh, which is a tropical cactus, requires more water than the types of growth. However, too much water can be caused, and this is a common cause of falling gas button. Undergeneration can do the same, although not so common. A 4-year holiday cactus is fairly fair, so you can pick up the cactus from its & # 39; pot to ensure that the roots appear healthy, and are not shaped from sound.

As an order of order, vacation cactus should be irrigated when the tallest inches of soil is dry. The soil should not be a dry bone, but never allowed to be healthy.

Even if watering is properly done, the ground is sometimes the affected person. Poor soil can be very close or close to oxygen roots. A freelance cactus will appreciate the rich richness of rich produce.

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C: How should I design a waste plant that was in the same photo for 30 years. I have cut it down, but now I think it's necessary to be restored. – Gayle Pfau, Fargo.

A: Some of the best paintings of the house have been restored every few years, and others like to go to; enjoying ten years, which means that it is difficult to take a fast and quick rule for achieving frequency. But finally, something needs to be done for the health of continuous plants.

Some of the old plants that could be too hard to be re-inserted and can be in the size of a proper "fresh-decorated" potato size by placing a stomach or two of soil and replace it, be aware that not causing root disturbance. Older plants can be built as a whole, and increasing their size; pot 1 to 2 inches.

Simultaneous systems of plants in the same pot for decades should be treated with care, as not every plant prevents it from being done; cut or delete the roots.

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