It is likely that Logan Paul was stolen after the Flat Earth community fair

YouTuber Logan Paul controversially filmed his documentary about the Flat Earth community tour on 20th March – but they could be hitting the video in a big way.

Paul Tweet the Tweet on 28 March that he swept away quickly, where he said that his home had been stolen by a Flather flat.

“Flat Earthers tried to give me a cheating,” Paul explained, encouraging misunderstanding and huge concern across the constitution.


YouTuber video afterwards for his Instagram story telling of the incident, which showed that the robber was hindered by action – who replied that it was “Charlie.

“Why does this always happen in my life? Paul asked, who was suspected of the camera.

[Timestamp: 6:37 for mobile viewers]

Paul took the picture of a broken window, which the robber used to get into his big house.

But, opinions about him again came about, with the people like him Ale KEEMSTAR Ale with a Alert Drama. note that the police officer in Paul's picture looked like dressing YouTube personality and “the false copy” Patty Mayo.

KEEMSTAR, YouTube / Logan Paul, Instagram

Patty Mayo even escaped to Paul about the attempt to steal, write, “The right place at the right time. Not right. ”

Although Paul has still to report the debate on 31st March, other fans around the region are asking if the “robber” was just a stunt for a forthcoming video.

But if it is true, this would not be the first time Paul had to visit the town; YouTuber made a defensive attack from a valid legitimate attacker in February 2018, deciding to go out into his sofa instead of getting lucrative money.

Paul also claimed to have his documentary about the Flat Earth community it was made as 'evacuated' to his rough baron; following a series of YouTuber controversies on the platform.

Flat Earthers who were unhappy with his exchange were pleased with Flat Earth International, organizer of the international conference Robbie Davidson, who disagreed on Paul's Twitter film – and even featured on a program of 'Nightline'. for ABC to discuss.

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