Karlie Pearce-Stevenson was hired by Daniel James Holdom into Ivan Milat

The detective who killed killing Ivan Milat said that another murderer, one of the worst Australians, had recently seen that Milat's murder had been caused when he committed criminal offenses.

After a year after receiving his crimes, Daniel James eventually won the case when he was given two life sentences for killing Karlie Pearce-Stevenson. , 20, and her young daughter Khandalyce.

The murder took place two days later in December 2008 but the police took five years to work out what had happened.

Karlie's body was discovered by bicycle cyclists in Belanglo State Forest – south of Sydney – in 2010. t

This is the only place Milat has buried his victims a year before.

Tracker Clive Small, who worked on the case Milat, told Channel 9 t 60 Summary Bella seemed to have liked the Belanglo defect and its related crimes.

“These are the actions of a miller who was going to hide than he was doing, but at the same time it seemed that he had a bad reputation.

“I've been seeing a very cracking story about my time and violence, but this is happening… t

“There was immediate, or very welcome, questions that Ivan Milat killed this person too? Was he another victim of Ivan Milat? 'He told the program.

The Little Detective said crime Holdom was similar to Milat's crimes.

“There were signs of Milat's murder in some ways. As there was no attempt to bury a body, it had just been left in the cupboard. ”


It took years before that the police recognized Karlie as the victim because he had suffered that she was still alive.

“It's about the feeling in some ways like Milat. All this was about being under control. I have the chief, I control, I can smell everyone, ”he said.

It used to be as long as using his bank accounts and giving her family and friends thinking she was still alive.

Karlie's sister Sharon told her 60 Summary that she had accepted that she was alive but she chose not to connect with her family.

“There was a feeling of misery, sorrow, and loss of it. There was a lot of anger about it, how would you do that? “She said.

The Small finder said that when her body was found she was examined for missing DNA and cross examination.

“They were looking for people who had disappeared under suspicious circumstances; but of course there was no place. One of the main reasons for the disease, which was her partner, was that she was alive, ”he said.

Dr Susan Hayes, the expert of NSW, said Karlie had found Karlie but it was difficult because it didn't have a database which was missing.

Dr Hayes created a digital sketch similar to Karlie.


Karlie grew up in Alice Springs, with a family around her.

“She was a wonderful mother, from the very beginning,” said her sister Sharon… “she had a golden heart.” T

Holdom took hold of her confidence. His friend Tanya Webber, who helped break the case, knew that something had gone from his beginning and that it wasn't like it was.

“Karlie brought me in and he shook my hand, good to meet you… He didn't really look at me in the eye but there was nothing out but that he was and we thought Karlie was doing it, “she said.

In November 2008, Karlie and Khandalyce left Alice Springs with Holdom and never returned.

Ms Webber said of a week after she left, Karlie called out.

“She didn't tell me but that she thought she was so mad. She wanted to return home with the sounds. And I said, “Well, I can arrange a trip. I can pay for a plane. Do you have any money? 'No, no, no.' It's ok. ”And at the end of the conversation, she was sort of back to laughing nicely. So I didn't think too much of it. '

That was the last time they spoke.

As the weeks went on, Karlie stopped to visit and her family started to worry.

One year after they were left with Holdom, Ms Webber and Karlie's husband, and Colleen had all been getting to the police.

Police spoke to Holdom, telling them that Karlie had taken Khandalyce and moved to Queensland. He also said that he was no longer speaking to her.

Karlie's mother finally received a text message from her phone number, saying that she was fine.

That was enough to allow the police to close the missing person's report.

“It should not be pulled. We don't know if Karlie had seen him, they saw Karlie. They had a picture but when they saw it? Obviously, ”said Ms Webber.


It wasn't until five years later when the remains of Little Khandalyce, 2, were found inside a suitcase next to a remote Australia's main railway.

Detective Small Detective investigation said they could find traces of the result.

They then learned that Karlie and Khandalyce were only murdered after weeks of farewell to their family at Alice Springs.

But it wasn't until Ms Webber heard that a girl had been found in South Australia that something was clicking – she said that her version felt it was Khandalyce.

“I was just feeling about it. I can't explain that, ”she said.

'It wasn't until another story came out and they let out some of his clothes … And for some reason, he picked up his interest again. My husband was walking through the door. And I said, 'This could be a Khandals.' And I was false. I was … you know? he said, 'It might have been a Khandals.'

Ms Webber telephoned CrimeStoppers. All the police had the need to halt the issue and the truth about Hold's was published.

“That phone call changed everything and changed quickly,” said Little Tracker.

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