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MAFS Jessie and Dan are separated after meeting

Jess Sight is married to Jess that she has had repentance after she filmed the final album of this season.

Jess and Dan loved their partners showcasing their truth before confessing their love to each other and continuing in the exam as a couple.

Both events seem to go well, but in the last collection which goes on on Monday night, Dan discovers that Jess tried to have move to Nic.

Speaking to news.com.au at Fitzy and Wippa's Married by First Sight dinner last night, Jess reported that Dan was so sad about what he had seen when he ended his friendship, even though he was only for a few days.

“Dan got a bit of a break after the rehousing,” said Jess at the Scottish event.

“He's been seeing the video for me that says that I was drawn to a sex for Nic, and his ego was hurt. Dan was already familiar with the conversation between Nic and I, he didn't know how big it was. ”

The film was too big for Dan.

“He said we're not together now,” said Jess. “And I said, bith No matter what I've never wanted to get out of this relationship anyway '. I was a flag.

“Two days after that Dan reached me again, and I realized that I had lost him. We had a little bit of rest, and we're at the best we could be at the moment. ” T

Jess told news.com.au that things between herself and Dan were very fascinating and confirmed that she had moved to the Gold Coast to be closer and that he intends to meet his family and her family. his son in a matter of weeks.

The contestant is very aware that some fans believe she is actively seeking someone who will have the link to the show to expand their five minutes' worth, but she is saying that she was never in Nic.

“I think people are looking for love, but I was also looking for what I was making out of my harsh relationship with Mick,” she said. i do news.com.au. “It is a worse way for me what the public sees.

“The delegates asked me‘ Do you draw people to Nic? And you must ask in the answer and I said, h Yeah, I'm attracted to Nic. It's a good man that he looks.

“Nic and I were friends all the time. It's great, but it wasn't really true, atharrachadh I was changing with you in the exam ’. I was just trying to fit in his head that was better than Cyrell. ”

In tight time for the Monday night program, Jess squirming on the street can be seen as the film in which she has toured is emotionally pulled by Mac on screen in front of the other competitors.

She says that representatives played the music again and again to the group until they got the answer they wanted from Nic.

“It was bad,” said Jess with news.com.au.

“The band are pulling on me. I was going,, No, I didn't bother you ', and Mac tried to protect me, and Iain (Aiken) is going, ‘All right, let him see it again'. This was done about five times until Nic Nic, ‘Yeah, she was hitting me '.'

After Dan had seen the films and completed their relationship, Jess was a boy and pulled him out of the delegates.

“I had the relationship between the two I was in love with,” said Jessie.

“It was hurt, I was angry, and I remember being kneeling when I was asked to interview representatives after that. I said, a How much more does he want to be evicted? ’

Other MAFS competitors at Fitzy and Wippa's lunch group included Ning, Billy, Mike, Melissa, Cam, Jules and Dan.

Married by First Sight continue on Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 9

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