Mum produces earrings, lollies for passengers

There is an imaginative mother who was worried about her baby to cry on an international plane to give a suggestion to go to her; transport of other passengers.

His mother flew from Seoul to San Francisco with her four-month-old child, and after boarding the plane, she spent more than 200 bags of ponds, earrings and note for passengers; worrying in advance for any sound from her booth S-

"Today, I am going to attack the USA with my mom and grandmother to see my mother-in-law," read the booklet.

"I'm a bit weird and scared (sic) because this is the first time that I mean, and that means I can do too much noise. I'll try to go quietly, though I can not make any promises … Let me excuse me. "

Dave Corona was one of the passengers on the 10-hour plane.

He sent a picture of his bag of gift and a Facebook note, and Description of the "Mobile" function as "very comfortable".

"As you know when your children are, the expectants are expected," he said.

And for his record, Mr Corona said that "did not jump out of her cell".

It is a method that works in; a burial sack used previously with strange parents who travel with young children.

In May last year, two people who had been in the past, travel with their daughter the same with a bag full of the 10-hour plane.

One Direction star, Niall Horan, who was one of the passengers aboard, tweeted his father that he was "silent as a 10 hour mouse".

And in 2017, a mother of China made something similar, bringing lollies, earrings and notes from her little child called Wendy.

"This is not the first long-distance journey but my mother cares for myself and I'm worried that I could mourn and worry," read the note from Wendy.

"After all, the change of air pressure in the plane will make me fret."

A flying supporter was so happy to have a similar sack, she picked up the note on the WeChat platform of Chinese social media.

She said the girl was well behaved and the note was not needed.

"The parents have a sufficient impact on the behavior of a child. There were very few mothers who would do something like that," wrote the flying helper.

"Their seats were clean and tidy when they left. Typically, the seats are in a bad state when they are taken by people with children."

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