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Nintendo Switch 2.0: Five things that you have to

The stars are linked to Nintendo to distribute a new version of the popular Switch console. It has been two years since the first publication which is timed for renewal that will help make a slower effect make the change (ahem) without removing it. So what does Nintendo Switch give us a new? Let's look into the crystal ball.

The Nintendo Switch Mini is sure

With Nintendo DS desperately trying to escape, Nintendo can be confident that Nintendo Switch will lessen its reach on existing markets.

We have already considered how the appearance of Nintendo Switch Mini will take into account the fact that the Joy-Con rulers, who can be removed, are still somehow to blame. keeping the docks up (though there is unlikely to be a box).

The smaller screen, the "mini" moniker, will seem, but it seems likely that there will be enough display with a chromag and sufficient acoustics and overclocking ability to enable the Switch to climb images when they play on display and larger.

Improved Nintendo Switch will have improved connections

USB-C is now at the highest level for connections except for a number of opportunities – Apple, I really look at you.

Nintendo included a USB-C on the Switch but it cannot be used to travel noise for a mischievous purpose. The use of smartphones and tablets to use audio and video using USB-C and laptops can be used to connect a generating station with stacks of ports, this decision is Nintendo is vulnerable.

The other areas where Nintendo have put up with Bluetooth are. Although Bluetooth may be used to connect Joy-Con controllers, it cannot be used for sound as the appropriate Bluetooth images are not supported.

Nintendo needs to do much better in these fronts so that owners can easily connect the other tools.

Update Nintendo Switch

Although there is no prospect of significant change in the display of the display, the materials used may have been of significance. It is easy to scratch and easily mark the exhibition, even through daily activities such as cleaning and removing the Switch.

Stronger materials will be valued.

Activate battery life

Battery technology is still developing. If you're thinking of today's smartphones, they generate processes faster each year, better displays and more cameras that need more energy to work. It's all rubbing your juice from your battery. But the life of the battery will get bigger every year. Some of that development comes from more efficient use of resources but we are also improving the planning of more areas in limited areas.

The next generation of Nintendo Switch will need it to cover four hours of time to meet the needs of beautiful games. It is no longer the three-hour life that is when you play high-pit games.

New date for releasing the Switch

Nothing else still exists but if Nintendo wanted to make a big splash, it seemed likely that E3 was a good place to do that in Los Angeles in June.

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