Police & Inhumane & # 39; stopped on the WA woman's lap when she was arrested

How was healed to a woman who was covered when he was seized on police, He drove him back on the stairs because she was shouting in "painful, unlawful and anti-law" pain, an Australian West corruption watchman has been found.

The Coronation and Crime Commission introduced a arrested woman for five hours at Fremantle Police Station in January 2017 as a "failure of work duty" in his report launched on Thursday.

"Many officers had failed a lot of officers to take medical attention to Ms. Duncan, that he was indirectly that his / her commission would comment on the behavior of one individual," said the CCC.

"A citizen who is interacting with the police is worthy of a human treatment. Ms Duncan's experience when he was in police care needed her care duty."

Ms Duncan's daughter drove them home from a New Year's event. New when she first screwed her breath, but Ms Duncan refused to try to get her home home.

The CCC stated that the next incident was controversial, but Ms. Robertson was asked to give personal information and invade the officer. It was convicted after testing.

Ms Duncan was cure at the "amazing" station in part, as it came to two weeks after the crown was sent to death in 2014 under Ms Dhu's case.

The crown executed by officers was misleading and the CCC found that publicity should raise awareness.

Instead, Ms Duncan was sentenced to the guilty management district, not suitable for disabled people.

The staircase was worse than her pain when officers took part in her. Duncan's wife back, with her feet going back.

Police Union WA published a response in response to the report, confirming that it was; help the members involved in the event.

"Fremantle's Crime Management Area is not a" green-up "or" watch "house because this means that the Force Force WA can provide used as a reserved place without providing the facilities and infrastructure required, "said President Harry Arnott.

"This area has been used for several years to arrest people and the fact is that it is being used daily as a lock facility despite being considered as an Area of ​​Offender Management.

"For example, if this conservation area had been worked as a lock, a nurse had to be present at the night he was questioned, and Ms. Robertson would have given medical attention as soon as & She got the facility.

"We have reviewed this resource again on Friday and we have reported to Worksafe. Although this service is still used by Police WA, our community and our members are at risk great for harm or injury. "


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