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PS4 Last Change Changes Nowadays, Sony is denying

Sony has confirmed that the PSN ID feature will be very fast soon for PS4 users. Players in North America can change the IDs from today, 10 April, and those in Europe can do so tomorrow, April 11.

"We are delighted to announce the online ID feature on PSN officially launching the PlayStation 4 owners later today," said Sony social media director, Sid Shuman. , on PlayStation Blog. "You can also change your online ID by means of a web browser, and that feature will start to be started today."

Suman went on to say that ID changes can only be made using your web browser or PS4 – so PS3 and PS Vita users are out of fortune. As previously confirmed, the first change is free, but any subsequent changes to the PSN ID will cost $ 10 / £ 8, or $ 5 / £ 4 for PS Plus tenants.

There are no limits to how many times you can change your ID, and you can always return to your free ID number by visiting the PlayStation support. You cannot bring your old IDs with you, even after you have changed, and if you decide, you can display the old ID against your new user on your profile for up to 30 days, to allow you to send friends to note change. Children's accounts cannot change their online ID, Sony says.

Sony says that all PS4 games do not support changes ID: any title published on or after April 1, 2018 ought to check out your new ID games, but the platforms manager has found one example "a [recent] A full game did not support the feature. "A full list of games supporting PSN changes are available on the PlayStation website, showing that many hundreds of titles support total your name changes, and "critical matters" at the top of games and few other things that "we didn't know were the essentials of the game experience."

PS4 users may also be interested in PS Plus games in April 2019, The Surge and Conan Exiles. Both titles are currently available at no extra cost to PS Plus supporters, but will return to their initial price at the end of the month.

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