Friday , April 3 2020
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Residents prepare to leave homes

Residents in the other bus route to Queensland have been ordered to follow plans for survival or preparation for their homes to be left south of Rockhampton.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have advised the fire to travel through the Mount Larcom village.

The fire burns southeast of the Mount Larcom Gladstone road and on both sides of Bruce Highway, to Yarwun.

There are teams working to keep the fire.

Residents are advised that they should be ready to follow permanent plans or be ready to leave because the situation may grow faster.

Those who have left Mount Larcom can not return yet because Bruce Highway is still closed.

Fire teams had been watching the equipment at Ambrose, west of Gladstone, as things were going on; declining regularly on Wednesdays and moved to Mount Larcom, and then rescued residents to leave.

The telescopes grew more than 40 degrees and a windstream account was more than 50km / h.

Almost 140 fire burns throughout the state, and # 39; including a major decline in the Deepwater division between Gladstone and Bundaberg, which has 1500 people escaped.

More than 8,000 people were asked to go from Gracemere to Rockhampton.

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