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Review: Convert Apple Watch Base – Base Base Nomad – legit airPower else? [Video]

The second generation AirPods and wireless radio resolutions are still lost in action, but when they are finally launched, a particular Chicago, IL based company will be ready. Nomad published, mobile device maker for the iPhone, a Apple Watch charger + iPhone + AirPods out of one month a few months ago, obviously expected to update the best of the best audio scores with Apple.

Nowadays, the Apple Watch Base Station edition is sold out but there is a close source of its & # 39; The company tells me that it is expected that units will be back in stock that can be found soon. Look at our video trail inside the way we use Nomad's three-choir wire carriage.

Synology RT2600ac: Repeat AirPort Extreme.


  • Apple Watch Charger is determined by MFi
  • Supporting & # 39; nightstand mode
  • 3 coils determined Qi at 7.5W and cost each one
  • Anodized aluminum top surface, with unique Nomad logo
  • On the surface of wire nails with padded leather
  • It will cost money without moving to iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (with AirPods Qi-adapter)
  • Prepared for a second-generation AirPods Qi-enabled tax case.
  • Three LED cost indicators
  • Sensible losers of light at night
  • Three regional charger converters
  • Price $ 119.00
  • Currently sold, but the stock is expected to be returned sooner

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The Apple Watch Base Station fears at Basead Nomad Station with a standard Nomad folder, which means it is well considered and designed. Appropriate steps are being made to ensure that the materials are carried out; live in a place when they are going away, who are there; means that they are implemented by & # 39; including boxes.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Within the box you can see Apple Base Station's fear, the Apple Watch, AC adapter, and three regional divisional plugs. Nomad includes explanatory input for the three-coil burial system within its & # 39; box, just if you want more information on how it works all.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle


The hunter is well-designed, made up of anodized aluminum, leather for the levy, and back plastic cover. The rear of the device shows two long slippery strips to keep the bracket from a & # 39; go around your tent or stand at night.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

The Apple Watch Base Station Base Station is not tricky, but it is helpful enough to rely on building status. Each part, from the anodized aluminum, to the surface of the leather hitting, looks and its; feeling hard to connect.

The AC adapter is a barrel-style adapter and comes with three different regional plots that can be easily translated. I pretend that Nomad chose a USB-C style device instead of a plug-barrel, which's a # 39; Provide more flexibility as long as it is a matter of responsibility and movement. That says, I think this clip will be more of a fixed-it-and-forget-it case, not something that is done; move from place to place often.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

The Apple Watch MFi carger is an individual's own, and is designed to make watchOS & Nightstand mode easy when you are able to. cost your Apple Watch. The construction level of Apple Watch charger, such as the rest of the device, is & # 39; a strong feeling.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Under the main surface of leather excavation, which is very good at the approach to the route, live in three separate 7.5-watt three woods. The woods are set in a way that keeps your iPhone long on the taxpipe, or you can spend your iPhone on the right side of the iPhone, rectangle to the surface. There are a few ways to do, but there is a lot of dependency if you set up a set of AirPods at the same time.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Speaking on AirPods, Apple is not yet able to provide a second generation version of the most popular cycling tricks, but when it does, the corresponding wireless dialogue should work naturally with wireless wireless Nomad charger. In the meantime, users can select a Qi-enabled selector, which identifies that it is small, but it works. Read our complete review of the Wireless HyperJax Charger adapter for AirPods for more information on what I mean with that.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

In front of the Nomad hunter, find a set of three LEDs, one that will cut each coil. These will be self-evident when each device is cut off. If you put a device on the right side of the charger, the correct LED will be clarified; middle of charger, medium LED light; etc.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

I scared Apple Watch Base Station for the test, costing my iPhone XS Max, AirPods (with HyperJuice adapter) and Apple Watch at the same time. Everything was just as expected, with a 7.5-wat "fast" cut for my iPhone, along with AirPods and Apple Watch cutting at the same time.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Two things I enjoy about this:

  • There is a comprehensive light awareness behind the unit that automatically reduces the LEDs when they are in a dark room. This helps to & # 39; Develop LED light pollution that is most common in today's electronic devices.
  • At the base of the Apple Watch charger, there are rubber lumps. This is blocking your Apple Apple from a & # 39; drop into the anodized aluminum panel when installing its charger.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

9to5Mac & Take

At $ 120, Nomad's multi-denominated auto taxation is not cheap, but I do not think it's much harder, especially with AirPower, priced in the range of $ 150- $ 200.

The line below is that AirPower has not yet been released, and if it is, we do not know how well the Nomad carger has to do; going up to Apple's first party solution. There are still some outstanding questions about AirPower regarding the features and integration of iOS.

It is important to note, however, that Base Base Nomad is not a 1: 1 option in Station Station's "Station Watch" but still the still AirPower car. For beginners, AirPower is expected to be included directly with iOS software and joint communication to manage tax handling of each device.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Secondly, AirPower allows you to watch Apple & # 39; to pay the right-to-face surface range that is shared with your iPhone and airPods wireless tax issue. The Nomad fighter is responsible for the normal standard that Apple Watch costs, and does not charge Apple Apple on the leather hitting surface.

And finally, as indicated, the Nomad solution is dependent on a normal barrel switching device instead of a more flexible USB-C connection. It's not a terrible solution, but it's a? means that general output is needed, because it can not connect directly to USB power sources.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Keep in mind, due to the position of the Apple Watch charger, you have to put your iPhone to the right of the tax setting at the same time if you are planning on the transfer of AirPods. In this case, it is not as flexible as the # 39; Upcoming AirPower charger when it comes to a device setting on the phot.

Nomad also notes in the FAQs section that users should not take their phones to wire with a steel or magnetic pest, because this may be Increase temperature and may cause damage to your devices. This is probably something Apple has been working with AirPower to prevent such problems.

Nònad State, Apple Watch Eagle

Indeed, a real case should also be considered. Maybe the people with Apple Watch and iPhone, but do not worry about AirPods without wire, be sure if this device is for them?

I think, even if you do not. Carrying for AirPods to volunteer cutting, consideration should be given to the Apple Watch Base Station version. It's a fascinating device, working with Apple Watch mode in Nightstand, and it's a allows you to spend your iPhone at the same time in a very good package. And in the future, if you want to install AirPods to wirelessly, the option is already available to you; Thanks all three options.

As I noted earlier, Apple Base Base Station Apple is scared out of stock, but materials should be restated in the future, and so watch your interest.

What do you think of the Nomad's cost price solution? Sound in the ideas with your ideas.

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