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Scientists are finding eggs for laying eggs

Scientists from Australia around the world discovered a 'very unusual find' in the world first.

Researchers at the University of Sydney have found evidence about the Australian lizard who carries a three-to-child living baby, then a week later a baby is born from the same pregnancy. T

This is the first time that such a strange event has been recorded in one litter of invertebrates, or invertebrates.

The triangular skipper is one of only a few species that are “regenerative genetics”, where some people lie eggs and others give birth to live babies.

But so far, no bones have always been seen doing in one trash.

“It's a very unusual prospect,” said Dr Camilla Whittington of the University of Sydney.

The triangular shelter is a native species of the east coast of Australia.

In the Northern Highlands of Scotland, the animals usually give birth to a live child, but those who live and live around Sydney lie on eggs.

“We were studying the genetics of these migrants when we noticed that one of the females lives on three eggs,” said Dr Whittington.

“A few weeks later she gave him another child. Seeing it was a very attractive child. ”

Advanced microwave researchers used to report their egg cover in their published survey Biology letters Wednesday.

Dr Whittington said at least 150 transitions were from taking eggs to living in biofuels.

“The earliest invertebrates were layers of eggs, but over thousands of years have developed herbs in some internal species until some animals began. said live, ”she said.

“People think most about people and other mammals giving birth. However, there are also many species of reptile born. ”

Dr Whittington said the unusual approach of one litter showed that the three-legged trough was a very good model for understanding fertility.

“It means Australia is one of the best places in the world to be examined from growing live because we can look into evolution in action,” she said.

“If you are living in a evolutionary biology context, it is possible that there is the ability to move between eggs and live births to allow animals to re-tap their gates. T environmental conditions. ”

She said she also made the skipper, who looked like a baby snake, with one of the world's smallest lizards.

If this species of newt, which occurs in a green field between live birth and egg laying, is investigated it will help to find out how and why species breed. great.

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