Skipper A Adelaide Physician using ick magic tricks

CCTV cameras have seized the time when a man used to skid by hand to remove a complex scanner with a chemist Adelaide.

With a film, given to Nine News, a man can be seen walking up to the money at Wayville's store by a bottle of three dollars of hand soap.

They'll give you a note of $ 100 and get $ 97 changed.

This is where the scam starts.

The buyer then pulls a handful of notes and coins and wants the money to be exchanged.

Since the young currency calculates the money, the individual is passing them by pulling bills slowly into his purse and taking over the counting process, and his budget t 'pushing more coins over the barrel.'

The total exchange took only a few minutes but, by the end of the period, the total customer walked up with an additional $ 50, with the cashier more expensive.

Ashleigh Scott, one of the workers, told Nine News the man “was it designed out”.

“He knew exactly what he was doing. “Buy a cheap topic, give a large note, and take out a pocket full of coins when it couldn't be paid for it,” she said.

Vu Vo said the scam was so fast that it looked like a “magic tricks”.

Mr Vo feels that the scammer aimed to aim for a young member of staff for a cause because they are more easily considered to be upset.

“Coming out to the staff and getting things out like this makes them the best and least trusting in other people,” he said.


• The customer is giving a note of $ 100 and donating it with his $ 97 change.

• Then he pulls out a handful of notes and coins and applies it to the surface, asking the treasurer to give him the money.

• The person changes and after having exchanges with the cashier he will get the money and count them.

• As it counts it takes in some notes into a poem in his hand.

• Then he tells the cashier that she didn't give him enough money and spent her hand more.

• It leaves an additional $ 50

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