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SpaceX will install a test astronut taxi service to a room station


03 March, 2019 10:06:12

The SpaceX rocket with a newly-formed neo-formalized team cap has been successfully spread from a US flag in the United States of America that was linked to International Speech Station.

Main points:

  • SpaceX and NASA succeeded the Dragon Capal quickly
  • It will spend five days on the route where the ISS team will host; running tests
  • Elon Musk says that this is the first step in which to spy space for private customers

The publication of Elon Musk's cattle company is a milestones and NASA's long-term goal to restore human accommodation from the US borders later this year.

The Dragon SpaceX capsule was built up on the Falcon 9 rocket from the Canadian Spaniard Center with a rescue test called Ripley, named after his & her; main character in the Alien films.

The capsal was split successfully from the rocket about one minute later, which stimulated the control room.

Mr Musk, the head of SpaceX, said that this is the first step to attack the opening of space to private customers.

"I am really confident in the future and I think it's important that we become a futuristic civilization and to be out among the stars, and I'm a & Thinking that this is one of the things that inspire people about the future, "he said.

"We want the things in science fiction, we want them to be true one day."

NASA said the station's three-party team would welcome its room. Capsal, 400 not of containers and early test machines on Sunday morning.

During five days, Scotland's guardian, Anne McClain, and Canadian guardian David Saint-Jacques will carry out experiments and his / her. dragon cabin inspection.

NASA's related administrator for human study, Bill Gerstenmaier, said that a private company use was not a spell for spellcheck. compromise levels.

"We do things that are very dangerous and the design and complexity we need to do … we're pulling people on the rocket top with millions of pounds of yards and put them in an orbit … that's not hard. "

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