The company's parent launches a collaborative platform for the work of Happy Tools – TechCrunch

Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce and Jetpack, is launching a new series of software aimed at the future of the work – Happy Tools. Automattic is a remote company with over 850 employees working from 68 countries. And the company has built a number of materials over the years for communication, collaboration and working.

With Happy Tools, Automattic aims to turn these tools into reality. The first result is Happy Schedule, a recording service used by Automattic to support 24/7 users.

“Views about the distribution of our inner machines have been circulating Automattic for years, but it has been getting the right moment and finding the right result. “Automattic director for Happy Tools Matt Wondra told me.” T “When we started building a happy Schedule again a year ago we realized that the design of a device for our own registration needs was filling a clear gap in the [workforce management] landscape. ”

“No other results produced the flexibility and insight we required to comfortably organize a globally dispersed team. As it's a green project, we can design it from the bottom up with the public solution of the memory. And it just made sense making it very welcome at the beginning of Happy Tools first, as a consumer-friendly industry. ”

A happy Register is an app today and it should feel more like Google Calendar than some SAP products. For example, you can click and drag your mouse to create an event – you don't have to start and start time.

But this is just the beginning. Automatic plans progress further products so that you can work more efficiently as a remote team. The company uses software-a-service and has a cost of $ 5 per month for access to Happy Tools.

It is interesting to see that Automattic is promising a series of products from day to day. There will be no more type of material. When you subscribe to Happy Tools, you should be able to access multiple working results together, just like the G Suite view, you can use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc. .

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