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The Crossover Modla Will Be Safe in the World & Crossover Early Accessible No SUV t


Published on it March 16, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

March 16, 2019 by being # 39; Zachary Shahan

One thing has been clear about the Model S Tesla carriages – they have been designed and built to be the safest for users on the planet. The Tesla Model received the best score ever from NHTSA (although the NHTSA does not reveal the exact scores, they are measured and accessible). The Tesla S Model scored the second best score. The Tesla X Model received the best third score.

It is obvious that the location for the Tesla Model Y is unknown, but I think it will be safe to say it will be # 2 or # 3. Not sure if it can affect the S Model, but it should definitely affect Model X and all other vehicles in the market.

Looking at the chart above, understanding the history of the Tesla vehicle, including the cost of Model Y with Model 3, and knowing that Elon Musk has launched several exhibitions with a focus on safety, I think it is safe to say (that the Model Y is the safest crossing on the market when it comes to market in 2020 or early 2021.

The other clear feature of Tesla's Model Model is that Tesla is enthusiastic and able to create the fastest vehicles in the world. The Model S is the fastest representative representation in history, which shows the Porsche 918 Spyder very expensive and more useful, and only 918 units were carried out in 2013-2015. In other words, the Model S is the fastest representation of the market today, being the fastest product in history, the fastest 4-door car in history, the fastest result in history, the fastest result. is a history of 5-set, and is the fastest. a passenger car under $ 150,000 (or under $ 850,000) in history. The Model X, without feeling definitely, presses other vehicles in its class, and its Model 3 # 1 is in its class.

RWD will reduce the Long Range Tesla Model from 0–60 miles in 5.5 seconds, according to Tesla. With a starting price of $ 47,000 (before it encourages and saves fuel savings), it should be easy to make it the earliest crossover or SUV under $ 50,000. Searching the internet for the quickest crossors and SUVs, I'm not looking for anything for $ 50,000 or less that could go from 0–60 miles in 5.5 seconds – anything except the Mod. Y that is.

Clearly, the AWD Long Ship Model Model is moving up to a further 1,000 miles for an extra $ 4,000, accounting for 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds according to Tesla.

If you really want to achieve, it's game Tesla Model The name of the game. This does not affect the Ludicrous Tesla YY performance, which can move from 0–60 miles in 2.8 seconds (making it the fastest SUV on the market in any given class). , but the Model Y currently strikes all the other suites or SUV in the market (at a basic rate. just $ 60,000).

Besides the Tesla Model X, there's only one crossbar or SUV that can make a Tesla Model Y sweat, the $ 86,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The first module has a 3.5 hour return for YY, but if you have ever driven an electric vehicle or one race, you know that this means faster than 60 miles, at a point which would have at the end of the plug to have the power of finishing the finish line at the same time. There is a torch in the Mod at the moment to make it feel much faster than the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, and with practical everyday driving, these early targets are more important. It is often 0-30 mph or 0–45 miles that is important in daily driving. After that, you appear to be in danger of finding a costly ticket if you are not on the Interstate road or the German Autobahn.

It may be strange to link safety and acceleration items into the same article. As an electric car driver, I'm struggling not. In fact, there seems to be a lack of torch as a major safety issue in his eyes.

Yes, a magic driver is not a good idea of ​​trying to get into between 0–60 miles on a residential street or in a dangerous place, and there are times when a powerful powerful boar can occur t You are in trouble, but generally, their potential quickly. linking to a road, rather than turning in a vehicle into your series (or benefiting from your Autopilot room avoiding such a driver), or leave a switch and switch red to t soon as the rest of the traffic is 100 yards behind to make a big safe.

I had to rent a gas car recently recently and I was struggling and struggling with some street streets, blending with rows, and red lights because I couldn't rely on it. I was familiar with a minute that I knew. At the very least, he's tired and laugh. It is not pleasant to walk down the pedal and suffer from noise, earthquakes, and long delays by an ancient machine that tries to hunt metal, plastic and move people. That problem will not be with Tesla Model Y.

Illustrated by CleanTechnica

Other issues that have not been dealt with here are where the Tesla Modla will pass. It is the most efficient market crossing, the best crossing for road trips, the best crossing for passengers, the greatest cross-border customer service, and the transmitter. close to the main egg. He does not hit it.

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