The Oscars that do not get any host this year

For the first time since 1989, the Oscars will not have any host.

It seemed like it was already clear, but it seems that it is now official: according News, the Academy Awards will continue on ABC beyond this hostile month. It has been 30 years since the Oscars were released without a schoolmaster (or masters) of services; The last time the Academy tried something like this, was one of the best known musical numbers in music history, numbers and distrust:

But that was 30 years ago! Things will go better this time, just? Right?

2019 Academy Awards to be hosted by Kevin Hart, but left gig days after he officially announced for the show after he was apologized for homophobic tweets and jokes from the time he left. , he disappeared. After that, Hart stated what he had said and wrote, but he remained challenging, and when he was in a position, Ellen DeGeneres, who was over Oscars, asked for her to return it to bring back the job, Hart did not – and she did not. the Oscars got a new place.

At one point, why to do will you take this job? Your entire tenancy would be related to this case of one year, and its # 39; controversy about Hart. As well as being likely to be a dispute about the exhibition itself, which will be much shorter than the last few years, with some awards given at telecast trading times.

The Oscars host on Sunday 24th February on ABC. If I have Rob Lowe, I'm sure I'm out of her & # 39; the weekend weekend.

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