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The University of Manchester and Owlstone Medical receive the Asthma UK / Innovate UK grant to improve the & # 39; diagnosing asthma

The University of Manchester, and Owlstone Medical, is a global screening company that breathalyzer develops for applications in the early diagnosis of medication and medication, Awarding Asthma UK / Innovate UK award for asthma diagnosis development.

Under the Asthma UK and Innovate UK co-ordinating funding campaign, which aims to develop research collaboration between the academic and the UK to develop new tools; can be diagnosed with asthma and subtypes, Manchester University will receive £ 249,950 to fund a three-year study South Westward, Owlstone Medical will use the new platform Breath Biopsy® to & # 39; gathering respiratory examples from asthmatic patients and healthy controls, which will then be explored to identify biologically-based biologists to make a definitive judgment on their; curb and to guide effective medical guidance. This research will be based within RADicA (Diagnostics Rapid Access for Asthma study), a study of the NIHR Manchester Biological Research Center (BRC) which funds asthma research.

Although the prevalence is common, diagnosis can be challenging because there is no reliable and reliable diagnosis test currently available. The current command is a & # 39; Praising a bone is proven based on clinical diagnosis, which combines symptoms that are characterized by; Suggesting asthma results in the most common cemetery tests (spirometry, fluctuation, reversion of bronchodilator) and the fraction of exitled nitric oxide (FENO) focus mainly on the major airways. Although these tests have been used for many years, evidence shows that they are poor when they are; Critics of asthma because the asthma is influenced by large and small air routes, and it has now been recognized that the small airways are so important to establish a clear judgment.

The breath appears as a promising method of measuring metabolites that is exactly what it is; shows underground disease activity. This non-invasive approach can include important information related to a small work on a path that gives a "window" to the health of a person's lungs, and including a & # 39 ; identify and monitor disease. The University of Manchester is at the forefront of expressing chemistry inherent, and has been involved in this study by Owlstone Medical, who has developed a Breathed Biopsy, a reliable and non-aggressive approach to Collection and analysis of Volatile Organic Companies (VOCs) have breathed the breath.

The project has a number of objectives, and # 39; including the use of biologically-based biologists and the measures of small aircrafts; implemented: to judge rapid speed, accurate and low cost and asthma study; to better classify different classes of asthma, their progress, and their impact on air success; and predict early if someone responds to ICS treatment. In addition, using the data collected in the RADicA NIHR Manchester BRC review, The performance and clinical practices compare these methods for the major tests on the flight.

Professor Clare Murray, Senior Clinical Lecturer of Associate Head of Manchester University Asthma Program and NIHR Manchester BRC:

Asthma treatment is still challenging, because it is best to be considered as a syndrome with many basic causes, and each can be different from the best medicine. But new devices that allow bureaucrats to be detected, however, can be able to revitalize asthma cells, and we are happy to work with Owlstone Medical on And this important project. "

Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical, said:

Our partnership with the University of Manchester builds on Owlstone Medical's previous work carried out as part of a STRATA test. Also, funded by Asthma UK and Innovate UK, STRATA was designed to investigate the use of VOCs in respiratory patient disorders as a means of selecting individual treatment. We are still committed to using Breath Biopsy to help the 5.4 million people with asthma in the United Kingdom and they are estimated to have 339 million people around the world who can benefit from personal health care . "

Dr Erika Kennington, Research Head of Asthma UK, said:

We are delighted to have a partnership with Innovate UK to co-fund this project. Asthma confirmation can be very difficult and this is largely due to the lack of definitive evaluation tools. This research provides an exciting opportunity to & # 39; improve the accuracy of asthma diagnosis, which means people with asthma can quicker access to healing and care. "

Dr Kath Mackay, Interim Director – Aging Society, Health & Nutrition at Innovate UK said: "We have many or are familiar with people suffering from bones, so they are less aware of what is needed for better diagnosis and enhanced treatments. This new funding will allow for innovative businesses to work with the best researchers to take the necessary words forward. By choosing to work in partnership with key charities, such as Asthma UK, we can connect businesses to the facilities that the charities can have. This can be accessible to patients, new ideas and their ability to create real evidence. "


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