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Past and present Oprah Winfrey has been interviewed by a philanthropist and a resident who interviewed the biggest names and most famous directors of our time.

But New Zealand's First Minister Jacinda Ardern's reaction to last month's mosque Christchurch was a show of leadership which Winfrey said she had never seen.

In her keynote speech at the Women in World conference today in New York City, Winfrey praised Ms Ardern for a full crowd of people at the Lincoln Center. The annual event includes talks and panel discussions dealing with the central issue, “Can women keep the world? ”

“I had never seen such guidance,” said Winfrey. “The Prime Minister is the woman who has the confidence in her conviction and who has established a global standard for guiding her response.”

Just hours after a firefighter hired two dogs and killed 50 people – including children – and a further 31 injured, Ms Ardern appeared before the country. She criticized the shootings, delivered the “terrorism” attacks and said that the policemen in New Zealand had no place.

The next day, Ms Ardern met the Christchurch Muslim community, having told them that she should decide how she wants to spend her time there.

She was wearing a black ear, with her mother's mother, listening to people always and telling the community that the country was “sadly integrated”. Its responses were widely regarded as inclusive, compassionate and factual.

“Women around the country showed their passion by wearing head scarves to make the hijab that Ms Ardern ever wished and the Arab community felt so unhappy,” said Winfrey. today.

“Fifty thousand robbers could even destroy more then came a picture of the Prime Minister that appeared over the tallest building in Dubai with the word 'peace' pulling over it. . ”

The United Nations' Rapporteur for Culture, Karima Bennoune, has, for the time being, Twitter to challenge the motion, reflecting the conviction and issue of Nasrin Sotoudeh's case in prison for years in prison. of men who took part in a viral complaint against an commandment. 'Headcarves & # 39'; there Iran.

It was one of several inspectors who responded to Ms Ardern.

But Winfrey said Ms Ardern “told that peace and well-being and the Arab world had really rejected us”.

And suddenly we saw that the other man was not so different from us, ”she said.

Within 10 days of the attack, Ms Ardern announced that tighter strict laws would be introduced in New Zealand. Deputy commander Winston Peters, head of power division and usually a party involved in the regulation of NZ First, said he was supportive of the move.

Winfrey said America must change its talks on a number of cases, including gun laws.

“We live in a country that has been confused by jealousy, trepidation with understanding, a sense of belief, personal freedom with weapons of attack, and what is morally relevant to us. what is legal, ”she said.

“So women in the world have the agenda to set their agenda. It is time for women to re-tell the message. We need to build on that message. Let us make it highly ambitious and inclusive with hope. ”

Those who need to learn should directly refer to Ms Ardern‘s, according to Winfrey.

“We have to choose every day to broadcast our indoor Jacindas; to tell the truth, and the respect we want for the world, ”she said.

“We have to say, write it, sing. We have to be the truth, our respect, we have to be so wild, the love we want to see. And when we do, signal my words… change is already coming. "

The summit runs for three days at the Lincoln Center in New York.

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