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The worst day in March in 15 years set for Sunday


Jacob Cronje, a senior meteorologist at Weatherzone, said that last year was 14 lowest points. “The coldest thing that has been in the last two years on the morning of March is 12.8%,” he said.

It goes down to single numbers in other parts of NSW on a Sunday, Mr Cronje said.

If it falls below 12.1 degrees, this is the coldest March since 2005.

Across the country it should be cold enough to make snow in Tasmania, Victoria and south NSW Saturday, with plenty of moisture in the atmosphere to create 2-5cm of snow at some of Australia's main ski centers.

However, the month as a whole seems to be “significantly higher than the maximum” in terms of minimum temperature, with the current issue sitting at 19.4 degrees t . The lowest temperature for the month of March 17.6 was graduation since records began in 1859.

Sydney comes to the third hottest summer on the run, 2016-17 and 1990-91, said the Meteorology Bureau.

Mr Cronje said that there was a temperature on the sea surface which had been warmly causing more moisture, which made hotter evenings.

The maximum level for this March is 27 degrees, more than two steps above most of March from 1859, but with two of the coldest days of the month still coming. Three of the hottest months in March have always been in Sydney over the last four years.

A maximum of 25 meters of water and winds of 45 km / 45 can get into the town on Saturday, before finishing to the weekend.

There is an opportunity to have storms on Friday afternoon but “a terrible thing,” said Mr Cronje, before most of the water was expected to fall over a Saturday morning, and then start in the afternoon and afternoon in the afternoon.

Weatherzone is the website publisher.

Matt Bungard is a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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