There are some superjumbos, and planes are already broken

This was the main message that asked Airbus operators to find out there after the last week's attempt to bring the product to the end of the big A380 superjumbo: the plane flying for future decades.

But there are clear problems with the depressing planes that are deeper than recommended because the A380s have a " grow in a solitary airfield in southern France.

Images from the air from Google Maps will show at least three A380s to & # 39; waiting for a new home at the air storage facility. However, her second role – as an airplane clad where unused pliers are further removed from them.

Two A380s that have been stored have now started the slowdown of the slow process for quiet parts just half a half through the expected time.

At the same time, a group of A380 companies have said they will look at & # 39; Delay the toilet well before being used.

An important issue? For many airlines, the planes are too big for profit making and many companies do not want to turn a two-way move to run.

"The expensive plane is not just for purchases but also to work. As well as remote and airport modes for large and million pound passengers, economics want to be It has been deducted to pay full costs per hour, "Michael Goldstein, a columnist at Forbes which said in 2018.

Last Thursday, Airbus's leader Tom Enders confirmed that the A380 days were numbered. Production will continue at the Toulouse factory in the south west of France in 2021 after the construction of 14 final plans for its largest customers, Emirates.

However, Mr Enders was keen to say that hundreds of A380s were built, and that the planes had an active life of 20 years, that they would be a familiar sight.

"Keep in mind that A380 will still spread the fish for many years to come and Airbus will continue to support the A380 industries," said Mr Enders.

But despite the hope, some of the A380s were sent out to grazing land.


The aircrafts are totally purchased by the planes – and that can be $ 300 to $ 500 million for A380 – or they are not rented. If they are there, their choice is to be sold later to another company; If they are rented, when the spoiler takes them back they can usually spell them up and take them to someone else.

That's where the problem is lying. Very few airsers have liked to have a A380 cut price.

Dr Peters Group has a number of A380 groups, a large German airborne valuation company, which includes Singapore Airlines and Air France.

Last year, Singapore returned four of the earliest A380s, at that time it was only ten years old, because it replaced them with more recent versions of fuel more of the superjumbos.

They were on the simple white spinning and spinning, three of which were taken from the Changi center to the remote facility of Terosac Aerosave at the Territory airport at the top of the Pyrenees.

On its website, Tarmac Aerosave says its largest air storage capacity in Europe, as well as recycling and closing capacity. There are many photographs of planes on its website.

Aerial images from Google Maps show some of the special planes that are in place; shaking at the airfield. Their young people mean that they are going to be a They can fly again with friendship more easily, but instead they are stunned by a thief with other planes waiting for their time. It is not clear when the statues were erected but three A380s were put to the facility between the end of 2017 and 2018.

Their company has stated that they have been in & # 39; Looking for new homes for the planes and has moved to another valuation company. But Professor Peters has been struggling to move the others.

The airplane market "had not been significantly developed in recent years," said Dr Peters's chief executive Anselm Gehling last year.

"The continuous negative dialogue about the A380 has not been on aeronautics to become increasingly aggressive on this type of aircraft."


Arrangements with British Airways and Iran Arrears broke out and their company has now decided to & # 39; scattering the jets.

The Reuters newsgroup commented that the breakdown of two A380s began in December. The planes will not be completely broken but they are removed from their most valuable.

The sale of the plane part according to a share of up to $ A110 million, which could be more profitable than a reluctant cost.

When a plane is broken down it is first drained, and parts will be cleared before it is stored and sold. It is a final step to recycle plane shells.

Pictures have been hanging up the required superjumbo on its engines, which has been rented back to the Rolls-Royce producer, and the nose nose where the radar .

At least Singapore Airlines replaces the oldest A380s with more recent ones. Last November, Air France said he would spend five of his A380s when their agreements ended in 2021 leaving a small fleet of just five.

Qatar Airways wants to dispose of its 10 planes. Earlier this month, the air commander, Akbar Al Baker, said that every plane would resign his 10th anniversary; starting from 2024.

"Once we have paid our financial responsibilities, they will go," he told the UK Air AnalystSouth Westerly

"We do not see the opportunity of any secondary market. There are no ex-Singapore A380 jets that nobody wants, and this year, planes will be available to the second-market market from Emirates."

He said Boeing's new version of the 777 jet was the most popular, 777-X, instead of the A380, including Australia routes.

Malaysian Airlines has difficulty completing its A380s and in addition to some types to Seoul and Tokyo, are now being used to restore Muslim ferries to the city of Mecca.


Mr Goldstein noted that Qantas was considered to be the smallest co-operator of the world's fuel, especially due to the long distances covered by many of its aircraft and that it operates the A380 and 747 gas gases.

"Qantas is to include the Boeing 747 aircraft with 787-9s more efficient. Can Qantas A380 rather be far behind?" He asked.

Qantas has said that the case will not. In a statement to, the airline said long as it had suspended an order for eight other A380s, it was expected that it would work than it was currently for some time big.

"Qantas 12 A380s are used on airplane to Los Angeles, Dallas, Singapore and London. Refurbishment will begin on the fleet in mid-2019," said spokesman.

Certainly, superjumbo has a happier experience of some airlines and they have no indication of them. ANA and Singapore Airlines Japan have recently introduced modules and there are a number of emerging events at Emirates.

British Airways is holding telephones away and may want to build a little more on its mobile phone. Second-hand market for 747s on some of the most expensive routes, if there is a right price.

This should ensure that at least some of the big birds stay in the air for a further ten years.

However, it is likely that we see an extremely spectacular A380 landscape that looks at it. Lying in isolation on uninhabited remote aircrafts.

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