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There is a team in the state to help include H1N1 Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: According to the increase in swine flu and death due to illness, Union health hearing has put a team to Punjab; Assess the situation and help the states to strengthen their response method to maintain their illness.

Although 30 deaths and 301 cases reported from Punjab to 7 February, according to data shared by the Ministry of Union. The team includes a microbiologist, epidemiologist and clinician.

The death tax due to swine flu in the country has grown to 226 by its H1N1 virus; claiming 31 other lives a week to Monday, as long as the number of people who affected the & # 39; 6,000 marker.

The Health Ministry shared the guidance for a flu vaccination and details of vaccine makers issued by the Indian Drugs Controller (DCGI) were shared by state health authorities. DCGI was asked to monitor the discovery of Oseltamivir, the drug recommended by the WHO in different states.

Advice was also given to the state health department to introduce area collectors in raising public awareness and breach response.

The state program officer for the Punjab National Veterinary Disease Management Program (NVBDCP) said that Dr Gagandeep Singh Grover says that deaths have seen more in people who are worried about diabetes, energy -the-bad and other diseases. Immigrant counseling is recommended to healthcare workers and other priority agencies.

All hospitals are asked – as well as private government – giving special bins so that the swine flu suspects are first-class. All cases of flu or suspected fluid should be kept alone so that the disease can not be spread. Hospitals were asked to report on the health department about the issue of swine flu that was confirmed in their report.

Regular video conferences are held with states to monitor the situation.

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