Tie hands were tied at trade time

The NBA trading date has come and the Knicks will do something after them. Porrisis's Kristaps trade a week ago. It is easy to say that the Knicks have lost the opportunity to bring forward a draft of property by contracting contracts; ending, but situation would always remove such a difficult trading.

Enes Kanter and Wesley Matthews, both of the most popular players, are both trading at $ 18.6 million this season. Knicks are aiming to keep all $ 71 million of their wages for their salaries; opening in the summer, they would not be willing to return equal value contracts with second-round elections.

There were not many teams with that kind of asset for a trading for the players who would have to offer the Knicks. The 76ers were one of Wilson Chandler's pieces, but they used it in a package for getting Tobias Harris, a player better than anything that the Knicks had to offer. The kings had terminated contracts for the Shumpert and Zach Randolph Iman, but were used in a folder to obtain Harrison Barnes, which could be a long term of their permit. The Knicks could not, again, give such a piece.

The other bailiff was her; embarrassing the Knicks expecting to buy Kanter and Matthews once the date had been traded. There were skilled teams that they would be available as free representatives and were willing to get their competition for their services instead of having a " Even giving a second round trip. Both players were allowed to knicks within hours of 3 p.m. trading date, with Matthews quickly agreeing to sign up with the Pacers. Kanter is still a free agent, with the fact that Celtics are interested in.

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The Knicks seem to be held on Jordan DeAndre for helping Mitchell Robinson, who is a make sense of the similarities. Jordan is, indeed, a friend of Kevin Durant. Knicks, the other endangered dangers of the end, including those belonging to Emmanuel Mudiay, Mario Hezonja and Lance Thomas (small warranty of the following year) tend to have insufficient value around the league to authorize any warranty of any return.

The other player is the Knicks could try to move but Noah Vonleh, who has a much smaller contract ($ 1.5 million). It is a valuable player that would like the Knicks to be back next season if the cap is allowed him. They could try to trade it and then reset it as a free agent without summer in summer. However, a player can match the opposite, and the Knicks may think they're not worth going to & # 39; Choosing a second visit to be returned to them in a contract.

To buy out, Matthews and Kanter have a & # 39; make sure Knicks young people play a lot of time-play; rest of the season. Robinson plays 20 minutes a night like the backdrop if she's a it disappeared from an extremely difficult problem. Damyean Dotson should start the rest of the season on the wing by Kevin Knox. Frank Ntilikina and Allonzo Trier should be able to obtain all defenses minutes, with Ntilikina & # 39; perhaps playing occasionally from time to time.

It is not clear what Mudiay's job is, but by doing it. adding Dennis Smith Jr, his job and skills are very useful. With the contract that a & # 39; Prior to the end and a $ 12 million captain, the team has not had the opportunity to re-lament the next year. It does not have to be marked by the berry, but Ntilikina and Trier should be given priority at every opportunity.

The next day is important for the Knicks this season, 14 May, when the draft lot is happening. There will be a lot of loss between this and then, but also the chance to see many young players who have a lot of players. get a lot of play time The lottery will prove what the knicks need to make the knicks for Anthony Davis or they will not give them another young player to continue to rebuild. Unfortunately for the Knicks, that's what they left this season.


Generally, a trading date in the army race was finalized in the Eastern Conference, as four teams tried to set themselves up to finish the NBA. With the wound of Victor Oladipo, Pacers will be easy to keep up with the Celtics, Sixers, Bucks and Raptors. Boston has failed to add anyone to it because it's going to run it; His assets to run Davis in the summer. The Bucks put Nikola Mirotic for second-round elections, and gave them another soldier around Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Raptors added Marc Gasol, who still gives them interesting decisions with Serge Ibaka on schedule. Philadelphia made the biggest splash with Harris added. After trying to bring together Jimmy Butler early in the season, now they have to try to do that with her; fourth star. There are no four players better than they do. One of these teams can end the NBA boundaries. Two-way conclusions to the East Conference are to be very good.

#Knickstank Update: The best knives in the Knicks are still in the league and the least wins at 10-43. They have three games played Suns, which are 11-45 and are in the middle of a 12-game lost streak. The 11 Cavs win and the Bulls have 12, each team plays 54 games. The Knicks have five games before the All-Star break, with games in Detroit, a front row against Toronto, in Cleveland, against Philadelphia and Atlanta.

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