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TomTom, Garmin's devices have an Y2K mini detection

The Y2K style break that is connected to the GPS systems is in the early stages of causing technical fusion when the clips over the first week of the next month turned.

On April 6, a profile called "Number Number Rollover" may have a potential impact on which products may depend on GPS technology. The retransmitter's time could be restored and the data in which they were infected was contaminated; causing major problems.

Depending on what you ask, the effects could be & # 39; From a small page passing by feeling that there is no sense of a & # 39; break in air traffic control and break down important business systems. It will not affect smartphones since they are based on more recent GPS technology.

The case goes down to have old accounts that are & # 39; used in early GPS systems and counting weeks to & # 39; using a tenth-range range that runs at 1024 weeks at a & # 39; the highest, which is about 19.7 years.

Each 19.7 year period is recognized in GPS terms as "time" and at the end of each episode the keeper re-installs and starts to start; counted again from zero.

Just as the reason why the Y2K could worry that global computing systems would be disconnected by a & # 39; Overlooking the new millennium, its & # 39; This GPS case has already happened with a small torch.

His first bird began when the launch of a GPS was launched in January 1980, 21 August, the first time the counters returned to the first time.

This happened with very little breakdown but before the use of GPS was made more and some believe that this time could be more aware.

In an interview that was widely shared by the technology of Thomas Tom after a security conference in San Francisco last week, former leader of Trend Micro's security security company, Bill Malik, said he would not threaten was flying when the week was counted back.

"I do not fly on April 6," he said.

Mr Malik believes that it is worth checking out that we are responsible for GPS data.

"The effects would be more widespread (this time) because there are so many integrated GPS systems into their work," he said.

"Ports will automatically load and download devices, and use GPS to guide the trees … Public safety systems include systems GPS, such as bridging traffic survey systems.

"Twenty years ago, these links were so beginning. Now they are based. So any impact is now bigger."

GPS devices made in the past ten years have been using 13 bits for the weekly portfolio, and # 39; come to 8192 weeks or 157 years, so an event will not affect the next month.

So you need to be worried?

One GPS expert from the University of Melbourne RMIT has notified totally aware of the last time on April 6.

Others have been disturbing her & # 39; It is likely that there will be any problems that arise from the resettlement next month.

But some government agencies and companies have been working to make sure they give any problem.

The 2017 memorandum issued by the US Naval Center said: "A address solution should be correct, but related tags may be wrong and thus navigate data contamination at level of the system. "

The United Kingdom Home Security Department has a similar note in April last year; Talk down the possible dangers, but warned they could continue on April 6 for catching devices that began to count from the firmware updates later.

At the same time, a car navigation device, TomTom, has told users that he has already setup arrangements and "if you are often updating your device there is no need for concern ".

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