Type 2 diabetes illness: Extend your blood sugar to add more to one meal to your food

Sugar illness occurs when sugar levels are too high. In type 2 diabetes, this is because your body can not make enough insulin, or have no cells; The body has an impact on the insulin that has been made. Insulin is required to control the degree of sugar in the blood and move to the cells to be turned into energy. So if insulin can not do its job properly, too much sugar can remain in the blood. This can be dangerous because it can have serious health problems with the eyes, the heart, the illness, the habitats and the legs.

To control diabetes and prevent problems from occurring, it is & # 39; advising people with the situation to make certain changes.

As well as reducing sugar and other unhealthy foods, it will also add some other diet to your diet to improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.

One special diet recommended by health experts in food.

According to scientist Juliette Kellow, finding one survey of 16 checks consuming three daily services of puzzles that reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes with 32 per cent.

Although a small number of checks have shown that brown brown is resistant to diabetes, it is shown that a white increase in the disease can increase the risk of the disease.

Diabetes UK suggests that this is because the index is lower than the bitter food than the wonderful carbohydrate food.

The glycemic index calculates the capacity of carbohydrates to increase the degree of sugar in the blood. Above the GI, the fastest food will build sugar levels of blood.

"If you have diabetes, wild meats usually prefer to control blood glucose levels because it is likely to have a lower glycemic glyceric record. ; they mean they will not affect blood glucose levels as soon as carbohydrate wild meals, "said Diabetes UK.

The diabetic illness expert warns, however, to be aware of proportional sizes because each carbohydrate food is a affecting blood glucose levels in some way.

According to Kellow, up to 75% may be more aware of wild herbs in seaweed.

This is because there is a high heat – as the name is & # 39; Suggest – including all parts of the grain, but when the grain is cleansed, the tree will be branched and sprayed; fed out of the road, losing lots of nutrition and much of the wood.

The diet also suggests that surveys have shown that people who eat more potatoes have full-sized foods. A smaller record of corporate woodlands, fewer living woodlands and are less likely to get pressure over time.

This is due to its high fiber content, which promotes the handling and its operation. help us to have a more obvious sense of feeling to & # 39; reduce calorie numbers.

This is especially important for people with diabetes, as it is too heavy to increase the risk of health problems.

There is one slice of bread in that & # 39; sunflower supplies the same fiber content as a two-to-a-half copy of white bread, Kellow notes.

"It's a simple but powerful step for better health and a longer life to move from a great hedgehog to life longer," said the health.

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