Use an electric gun to stop shark attacks

It's a technology that's more than 20 years old when it's & # 39; do.

A film from 1998 shows the time in which Ian Gordon's white white grievance fell but when he died. Using a strong electric presence from his watt, the predator fears.

Now anxious, a machine version of that technology was released, with new images showing the eSPEAR in action.

There is a drama picture during a shark flight test that catches a shark; circulated on board but when the technology is implemented they can not be on the screen again.

The first launching of the world's electric basin was launched in Sydney on Tuesday, designed for diving, snorkelling and spearfishing.

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The guns are attacking an expanded expanded bat that can be used. Creating a strong electric field of up to 1m in diameter and 2.5m length to prevent unwanted shark.

Head of Harbor Chief, Lindsay Lyon, said the new product would help to scare people about basking sharks, marine life saving.

Ocean Guardian's vision is to remove Shark's web and drum lines through the new technology.

The shark scientist Amanda Elizabeth, what motivated him that the machines were causing damage to shark or other marine life.

"We all have to work together to protect our seas but we also share our confidence in the life of the sea, we've been playing in their backpack," she said.

But its company needs to raise money to improve product development.

They want to build capital to a partner with one of the Australian units to develop the technology.

"We have proven self-personalized technology and believe that new technology has a potential for obstacles to be a hard-to-shark web site around the world and, protection of ocean users from shark attack risk "said Mr Lyon.

So far $ 1200 has been raised from a $ 60,000 target.

Mr Gordon commented that he has practiced the technology greatly by many species of basking sharks, including large hills and no doubt about his influence.

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