Valve's Teething Called Index; & It looks like New VR Headset

It is like a PC gaming company, t Baptism, preparing to distribute a new VR header. Directed by image Boat Today, the device is likely to be called Baptist Index.

There are too few details, but Valve seems to be creating this by itself, instead of its original headset, in which case Liveshe did with him HTC.

Underneath the picture of what is clearly a headset, it says “Update your knowledge” but that means very unclear. The headset looks like two cameras / faces are

According to some rumors surrounding it, Valve could look at the new headset that has been added Knuckles EV3 management, who run hand and finger movements, with A Half life VR game.

I don't want to be too fussy about the ability to close the Half-Life globe, but Valve is probably the perfect starting point for the Half-Life game when he gets the support of some exciting new technology. T . Half life 2 It was one of the first games to have a modern physical system in place when it was launched in 2004.

In both ways, we will have more information in May, as the heat is praising. Donated White Day at April tomorrow in the place United StatesI suppose this was a joke, but I know we can't see it.



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