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What it generates from Tan-Whitening may be more dangerous than we think

Those strips and glazes you use for your teeth may become as bright as some of the previously unrecognized hazards, according to a new research which has been t this week. He discovered that the main factor in these results – hydrogen peroxide – may be able to destroy lice, the second deepest layer of our teeth under the enamel surface.

While organizations such as the American Dental Association warn those cleaning materials that can cause dental tooth or swelling that they reproduce, they are seen as temporary temporary umbrellas to be removed shortly after they are stopped. Moreover, these materials are considered safe and effective.

Research into tooth whitening is largely focused on how the hydroxies of peroxide and other bleeding behavior affect enamel, protective toothbrushes. But the authors behind this latest study, put forward this week at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting, said many had been significantly ignored as a result of whitening on dentin, the bone material that makes up our teeth.

The work of the authors previously, directed by Kelly Keenan, a professor of chemistry at Stockton University in New Jersey, had suggested that enough boilers could reach the dentin through our enamel. . But they wanted to see how hydrogen peroxide, a common ingredient of cleaning, is directly interacting with collagen, which includes the majority of protein in dentin.

They used out human teeth and handled them with white fairies using instructions from the production company, making them leave for an hour (they can leave with sensitivity). teeth to be used for less time). The teeth were dipped in pseudo-sweat at this time, and then the water was cleared for an hour.

Then collagen and other proteins were removed from the teeth, and their levels were followed. A clean-up tooth control group was used as a comparison, and to see increased use of more harmful strikes, dentistry investigated three cycles of cleanliness.

“We measured collagen using two methods and saw reductions when wands were used and it was less with three trips compared to one tour,” said Kellan. T Gizmodo. “We also saw similar results for non-collagen proteins.” T

The results are at an early stage, and are not being studied by adults, and the Keenan team plan to investigate the impact of hydrogen peroxide on collagen by looking at how it affects clean collagen. At this time, however, it is difficult to say what the true health impact of the research can be.

If white strips cause damage to our teeth, it may not be too large, because the toothpaste – a soft tooth filled with leprosy, blood vessels, and connective tissues – can revive. make lost collagen. But in people who have been into root roots that are taking this pulp, this is no longer possible, Keenan said. And cruisness has never returned to Scotland.

“Also, because replacing collagen is slow, it would be worse to do too many medicines in too short a time,” added Keenan.

Although Keenan stopped saying that people were ignoring their teeth, she said that the results are a reminder of whether to buy their products.

“As always, I believe it is best that the public receive information and make individual decisions based on the results,” she said.

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