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"When you buy a property in the NSW, you have all the right to expect that property to be safe, structured to sound, and free from bad diseases. And unfortunately it's not always a case, "he said.

Mr Kean said that the government would accept most of the recommendations in a report written by the Western Chancellor of Western Sydney, Peter Shergold and a solicitor of Bronwyn Weir.

The report was commissioned by the Forum of Building Ministers, a collection of state and border ministers, in August 2017 and completed in February 2018.

Professor Shergold and Ms. Weir decided that "the nature and extent of the problems that we make is of great importance and in terms of.

"They seem to impede public trust in the health and safety of buildings unless they are treated in a comprehensive way," said the report.

For that purpose, among 24 recommendations, the report on each state or country requested to produce recording schemes for all those involved in the industry – builders, surveyors , architects, engineers, photographers and researchers – and the implementation of training and licensing tools.

Mr Kean said that "the people who work in the building and construction industry" under his proposed laws "take responsibility for their work".

That would mean that planners need to record out the design, and builders to build their buildings according to these designs.

The commissioner would have the responsibility to implement the licensing scheme.

Better Management Minister Matt Kean.

Better Management Minister Matt Kean. Credit:James Alcock

The executive director of the NSW Association of Master Builders, Brian Seidler, welcomed the proposed changes.

"From the perspective of the building business, this is a set of reforms very important," said Mr Seidler.

"What it does makes it responsible for the entire series, from those who design our properties to those who fill in and to & # 39; building on buildings. "

Mr Kean has not yet identified what of the recommendations of Professor Shergold and Ms Weir did not implement the government. In distribution he said that he would keep his / her; Consulting with business and homeowners "to ensure we get the best results for homeowners."

The government has introduced measures to bring builders less control over the certificates that are praised for their work, and last year they put a link affiliate scheme into make it easier for homeowners to be right to correct vacant construction.

Jacob Saulwick is the City Mayor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

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