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You can now play Snake & 39; On Google Maps

Do you remember your first Nokia phone, and sit in your room for hours when you play 'Snake'? You know, the game with the virtual snake looking around on a small black and white phone screen!

Well, Google seems to be hitting the Snake train; for White Day in April, the iconic snake has its usual train place.

Do you want to play? All you need is Google Maps!

Once you open the menu, you'll get a choice of 'Snake Play'. This will allow you to choose one of seven places – Sydney, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Cairo, São Paulo, and the World.

Just like the famous Nokia game, the maximum number of passengers (… or dots) you build, the highest your score – however, you need to make sure that your train does not run ( or on the edge of the screen.

According to Google, it is possible for players to; to build from each village. These things will show different landmarks found in the area, such as London Bridge on London's map of the game.

Google has an interesting history of launching retro games on Google Maps every 1st April. In 2017, Google sent out Pac-Man, and after that is Where's Wally in 2018!

Want another reason to speak? Click here to play!

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