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A commercial pilot is being investigated after falling asleep in freight plane planes and overlooking the island's destination in Australia with 46km, said Tuesday officials.

The unidentified pilot, the only one on board the PA-31 Navajo Chieftain two-propeller and flew on devolution during an early morning travel on 8 November from the Devonport town in Tasmania 250km northwest to King's Island in Caolas Bass, his employer, Vortex Air, said in a statement.

The pilot said "he died inconceivably when he was the commander of the plane," said the air-conditioned airport in Melbourne.

"The case became apparent when it could not control air traffic to send its plane to an airplane, and the plane traveled beyond the destination point prospective while working on devolution, "said the statement.

Air traffic control records showed a number of radio movements made for the unexpected pilot, which was reported in the Australian newspaper.

The pilot said safely on King Island, Vortex Air said.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, an accident and risk inspector, and the Civil Air Safety Authority, the air business regulator, investigating the event and managing the event. company was tired of a pilot.

The bureau confirmed that the plane had exceeded King Island Airport with 46 kilometers due to its pilot. to sleep He said he would continue to interview the pilot and review Vortex Air's operating procedures before publishing the report on the event.

Vortex Air said the 06:20 plane was the first one on the # 39; The first day he was back at work after leaving his leave. He continued to fly that day.

The newspaper said that the pilot was recited for its role despite having had little sleep on the previous night due to personal emergency.

"Vortex Air provides the safety of our passengers, crew and pilots is a great deal and to comply with all safety procedures," said the company.

"This is a rare event, as it has been shown with a good company safety," he said.

The company said that he was in a position; Help your pilot to "get back to full responsibilities safely".

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