Australian Cannabis: high cannabis emerges


Marijuana stakeholders have talked about the brilliant effects of their favorite plants for more than 12,000 years, but now we have a great deal of time. begin to understand the very potential of its powers.

You may have been saying that users will not be able to; This police is becoming more susceptible to a & # 39; The effects of high-smoking smoking have been over recent years, but countries around the world are beginning to go to; Prohibiting distracting blaming laws and allowing scientists to investigate the & # 39; The last garden – and what they've discovered is amazing.

Talk to after the amazing CannaTech conference in Sydney – where hundreds of entrepreneurs started to heard about the latest technology of seeds – Paul Benhaim, the founder of Hemp Foods of Australia, said that poles could have high powers to have a significant impact on our lives.

Cannabis researchers may be able to speak at their & # 39; conference that may be found found in the # 39; A plan for the treatment of a variety of problems from anxiety, depression, migration and unsustainable wheel suspension to acne and even schizophrenia – everyone without violence and air damage caused by some medication.

However, magic treatment can not be made from just a few smokers smoking this weekend.

Speakers have made clear that cannabis is extremely complex and can only expose the same components; You need to continue to work badly to prevent bad effects.

Mr Benhaim praised research that has emerged over the decades that show something in the # 39; all our body called an endocannabinoid system.

This is a method of our group's method of working and even creating its own cannabinoids – the chemical companies found in the & # 39; weaving plant.

Working with our spin, respiratory and respiratory system, it is argued that the endocannabinoid system can affect some of our cancer, pain modification, and treatment, reproduce , motor learning, weight and memory.

"This has only been found in recent years and is very important because it affects the balance and communication between our cells," he said.

"It's hard on our bodies because he is a master of our balance system – called homeostasis.

"This means that if any of your health goes out due to the stress of your endocannabinoid system that will respond to the immediate effect of changing your biology in an effort to renew a homeostasis -download.

"This is one of the most important systems of keeping people's health. It's literally a bridge between your body and mind."

He often said that people express hemp and cannabis, but it is the same plant; and parts thereof as a chopped seeds – in which almost one of the psychological buildings, THC seats that leave tax smokers leave; feeling a stone – really beneficial to people's health.

"This is the same, one plan, cannabis is one single plan and many parts of the plant you can use for many different uses," he said.

"Producing the water content, the brain is made up of 60 percent fatty fields – omega 3 and omega 6 and they realized that slices were a good source for that."

He says we need the continuous supply of those fat asses in our body.

But unfortunately, this prodigal superfood, which could be used in more than 50,000 methods of use from acne cure to texts, biology, paper and fuel – not only be lawsuit in Australia less than a year ago.

Australia was one of the only places in the world where it was banned.

However, the Standard Standards of Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) agreed to allow the sale of THC's low low basic food food last year and in April 2017, ministers of the Australian government responsible for food management the application.

At the time, FSANZ SBS spokesman told: "Our risk assessment found that low-low THC seeds are safe for consumption and can produce good nutritional and salted acids poly-neonatalization, especially Omega-3 fatty acids. "

Now Mr Benhaim now argues with Aussie's trips in an effort to keep them aware of our endocannabinoid system and the health benefits that may be in place. allowing non-psychoactive forms of seaweed, such as CBD oil to be available to Australians.

"We know that the endocannabinoid system is active in the advanced levels of human development," he said.

"We know that breast milk is cannabinoids even mother – but we still want it to be healthy or safe."

When telling this, it's just a & # 39; show the evidence.

United Nations research shows 180 million people to using cannabis all over the world and only 72 of them died – and opposed the broad legends that did not die because of anything.

However, at the same time, we killed a 3.3 million alcohol and killed 7 million people tobacco worldwide – almost doubled people in Sydney every year. And, interestingly, researchers found in Germany that CBD is to reduce the level of alcohol in our blood.

"Synthetic cannabinoids will have bad unnecessary effects, which the Australian government always aims to say that this should be avoided," he said.

"But the same problems are caused because some of the chemical companies are still on the outskirts."

Mr Benhaim said there is a "very good line" between recreational use and cannabis if there is nothing.

"We went for cannabis," he said.

"People need education, but we should not use it until we have 21 that when your endocannabinoid system and your brain are fully developed."

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