A 64-year-old Soldier killed: a robbery of his mail now in care

Ebergassing. About 43-year-old Tamara B., the 64-year-old postman Hedwig Sch. in Ebergassing (Bruck a. d. Leitha) area on Saturday morning, it is re-protected until 25 February. The procurator's solicitor's request Friedrich Köhl de Korneuburg.

Tamara B. comes from the circle of victims of the victim who was killed and was arrested Wednesday. The agent was found dead in her room for a fortnight. According to the authority, the purpose of its & # 39; Craniocerebral traumatic death caused by external effects.

A pensioner was killed for a fortnight

Two weeks ago, the pensioner Hedwig Sch. (64) who was murdered in her room in Ebergassing (Bruck district, no. On Friday, police could report on their first success in research. DNA a & It follows that the crime is a victim of Tamara B. (43). As it came out, it is not so strange. In 2009, Tamara B., aka "Black Lady" was convicted for 12 years imprisonment for a personal injury in the loss of his Kierling post and was released early. There was a woman now in the murder case Hedwig Sch. In Ebergassing was again brought to the Korneuburg prison. On Saturday, they made a final decision to keep them.

The accused was not allowed to submit, he mentioned the Landespolizeidirektion of Niederösterreich. The 43-year-old becomes a victim of the Bruck district a. d. Leitha.

Ebergassing Murt Austria is low© FF Ebergassing

According to the inspectors against their females, the surveys have a strong suspicion around the passive and to do; search of Tatwohnung signage. The 43th anniversary was arrested Wednesday. Previously, the complainant Korneuburg had given a corresponding order. The search in the case is & # 39; follow.


Tamara B. (43) sentenced a robber. On 26 February 2009, at 4:10 in the afternoon, Tamara B., known as "Black Lady", came to Kierling post office through a side door. With a knife of the fist and the words: "Do not shout, or kill you," attacked the Wiener Linien Kantineurin who was suffering, she knew personally, brown sheep. Previously, he arrested the post office manager, Silvia K. (34), still noted the "attack, money from a flatter. Armament" was standing. Then the officer needed to put all money into a paper bag. There was a sharp bile package that cut the gun, which thought it was an alarm pack; , to put the bills into the bag. Strangely: A stone was shaken only on her suffering, as she had already been in a position; Excavating the rest of 33,000 euros. The 25-centimeter blade went to Silvia K. through the chest for the lungs. Then the procurator fiscal escaped. The bridal scenes were in the zoom box in the box.

The severely wounded Silvia K. could be disturbing her & # 39; Emergency before falling, covered with blood. It is, as ÖSTERREICH has reported, on the road to revitalization after urgent work.

In March 2009, she was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

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