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A first part of the episode breaking with a calm, high-pressure climate «

Winter weather is very useful in the first part of the semester break. Severe and steady weather conditions invite you to cool in a moderate cold temperature with a small wind. Only Friday is expected west to the east with bad weather. Information about the republic of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) from Sunday:

16:57, 03 February 2019

On Monday, northwest nowadays on the north side of the Alps – for example, from Tennengau to the east as well as to the north and east end – there is a flat cloud to & # 39; live there and in a bad state he can start snow at first. Throughout day, the smoker clouds from the west, are more frequent than the sun. Typically, it is shorter in the southern end, but especially in the Loch Carinthian District it can hold a mist or a loud smoke for a few hours. Wind will be blown in the eastern half of its centrally vibrant first level northwest, or it is windy. Early temperature: less than six to more degrees. Daily increases: between one or more of six degrees.

In late March, clear areas will be discharged without a contract in the middle of strata. On the other hand, very sunny weather is usually removed from hard hens and high angles above low ground. It is usually only a slight wind. Early temperatures are less than 12 to three degrees, the highest temperature per day from zero to six degrees.

Some cloud habitats can still talk north in the middle of the week. In addition to that, initially weakened locally with fog or Hochnebelfeldern counting. In addition, the day is a bit scattered to clouds with a lot of sunshine. Wind will be East tooth is relatively central from northwest to north, or it is very windy. Early temperature: less than eight to more and one step. Daily increases: zero to over nine degrees.

On Thursday, calm weather comes to a large extent. So there's a lot of sunshine but just a few hard fields. Frequent clouds often do not appear in upper lines. In the evenings and evenings, there will be more and more clouds moving westward. Wind is a & # 39; fighting but weak, in the east but to partake upgrade from south east. The early teasures are between the eight eighth level and zero level, the daily increases one to nine additional steps.

With trouble, then on Friday in the west, the clouds will rise close and spread until the afternoons. They bring water and snow, with the snow line between 600 and 1,100 meters above sea level. In the southern end, however, it is still dry and friendly. In the East, some mistrooms are first, but in the meantime there may be a sunny divide. Wind is a & # 39; coming from the west and weakening weak to medium. Early temperature: without having eight to one step away. Daily increases: plus one to more than six degrees.

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