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As asteroids pass the solar system it is not particularly remarkable. Also that they are very often drawn on a regular terrace of the soil. But in October 2017, he was surprised by the astronauts. And in the true sense of the word.


Do you believe in monsters?

Just five days after "Oumuamua" passed the planet, Hawaiian scientists noticed the pieces. At first they did not care for the thing. But over time the visitor has some unexpected puzzles.

Calculation does not provide a solution

The "messenger" did not show the usual features of comedy or asteroid. For instance, their tail was missing. Shoe is unusual. In addition, the “something” route had not been achieved as expected. For this reason, experts have been looking after seeing what 'Oumuamua' might have been like.

The animation shows where "Oumuamua" was. (Source: WikimediaCommons / Public domain)

No celebrity scientists are denied the idea that a lump can be an object by aliens. Specifically: Pull. In the magazine "The Astrophysical Journal Letters" informant T.M. Eubanks study that is worthy of encouraging their hypothesis. According to his account, the unusual route cannot be explained. He cannot therefore say that "Oumuamua" was not sent out to us by nurses.

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