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Austria: McDonald's Austria is continuing on his successful course

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Isabelle Kuster Managing Director of Ostart McDonalds
Photograph: Austria at McDonald

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Record service at Austria at McDonalds
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McDelivery at Austria at McDonald's
Photograph: Austria at McDonald

16 February


from OTS

Year registered for director of a restaurant food system

  • 2018 annual yield: a change of 674 million jewelery (+ 8%)
  • New service expansion 2019: Almost every restaurant service, expand on McDelivery
  • Quality and Legend: innovations in very good, greener and McCape areas
  • Accountable business: the largest part of domestic land

With a strong rise of 52 million euros (+ 8%), the domestic market manager, McDonald's Austria, 674 million euros in 2018. The strategic investments in a new service culture ensured that the largest employer at business on another year. In 2019, its company has a & # 39; invest in restaurant and service facilities for over 400,000 guests a day and are planning to expand their board service throughout Austria as well as McDelivery in other regional headquarters. In addition, McDonald's names product productions in the very good, vegetable and mickey parts.

As well as repeating the McMenüs again, b & # 39; The most important thing behind the successful development of its total financial first year under managing director Isabelle Kuster is above all of our strategic focus on flexible, family friendly family service with board service and host supporters , the MyMcDonald & McDelivery bonus club. "The principle of continuous improvement lies in our DNA – what we want to do is even better. A home delivery service or your office, a quiet board service – we will; responding to the ambitions of our guests and we are confident to be innovative and change a decade ago that anyone can think about. Because of this, the 45 Our franchisees and 9,600 staff are enthusiastic: to be great visitors, "said Kuster, satisfied with the ongoing route, which will take place in 2019. Therefore, there will be a service of the board, where guests have a host; sorted at the jetty, a & # 39; taking the seat and the new order prepared by a member of the staff, is available in every restaurant next year. MacMillan is also welcome at home: McDelivery, which is already offered with 52 restaurants in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Wiener Neustadt will work in partnership with local delivery services and also expand double levels of growth in 2018 so that there are additional towns.

Make it bigger, make it vegetables

In 2019, guests can look forward to a number of innovations in the product range: new burglars in the first section and recycle of the Veggie range with burgers, changes and new rods. Austria's best burger is to hunt cheese with over 27 million units sold last year.

Updated in McCafe

The 178 McCafes also adds to the success with the best coffee, a seasonal cake and a calm atmosphere. In 2019, McCafé offers new, innovative products such as croissants, apple lattices and ginger bread gates.

Use size to make a difference

It is the responsibility of the company as a strong and at the same time. At the same time Austria has a great deal of experience, McDonald's Austria has been the forefront of the future to take a new position in Austria through sustainable business practices. In 2019, for example, the "Scale for Good" global sustainability campaign will also be launched in Austria. The company's objective is to use the company's advanced ambitious improvements in divisional, environmental, family, and society areas. In this context, the fourth report will sustain its & # 39; company was published in spring 2019.

Business is accountable

The opening of its McDonald's first restaurant in Austria on the Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna in July 1977, not only established a foundation for special success, but also established a comprehensive local supply network for product quality regional At present, McDonald's resources are about 70 per cent of food from Austria and, with 40,000 participating in the United States, the largest gastronomy partner of domestic agriculture. Quality meat seals are brown meat, eggs, pasta, ice cream and descendants and 100 per cent come from Austria. Finally, but not only, the 45 franchisees from Vorarlberg to Burgenland have the partnership, which long-term family businesses have to implement high quality and McDonald's quality standards, Ensure that there is enhanced regional value and sustainability.

Background information

Isabelle Kuster Managing Director, CEO

Since 2017 Isabelle Kuster is Managing Director of McDonald's Austrian. Born in France, she became a member of McDonald's France in 1985 as a assistant of a restaurant manager and moved to the headquarters in 1987. In 1996 she became a Divisional Director and in In 2006 she oversaw the McDonald's & Belgium administration. Before she started in Austria, she worked in a variety of management roles at McDonald's France since 2008, recently as General Director.

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