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Bayern Munich – Hasan Salihamidzic: "I'm not interested in what Uli Hoeneß says" – Bundesliga

Bayern staff may not have heard this sentence publicly. And then three times in a row!

Strange anecdotes yesterday by Hasan Salihamidzic (42).

After the 6-0 opposition to Mainz, Bayern's sports director went into the mixed scene revising repeatedly by club leader Uli Hoeneß (67) concerning the future of a three-year visitor. James Rodriguez (27). And he was very sorry for him.

Salihamidzic to local journalists: "What do you ever tell what Uli Hoeness said? I'm not interested in Uli Hoeness. All questions start with Uli Hoeneß. Uli Hoeness, Uli Hoeness Do you want me something, if Uli Hoeneß likes something, Uli Hoeneß asks everything, I don't want to comment on the Uli Hoeneß comments. there. "

And then for the third time on the request that Hoeneß had said that the last coach to Niko Kovac had to make a decision about James: "I told you I was not interested. of what Uli Hoeness said … "

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Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa

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Brazzo and Hoeness at the DFL 2018 New Year ReceptionPhoto: Arne Dedert / dpa

Brazzo: "I'm not interested in what Uli Hoeneß says"

Hoeness had previously mentioned the 42-million buying option as James's rental club, Real Madrid, "in the overall conclusion of the decision must decide whether or not." It continues. “In the main, this is a great player and at long last the coach has to tell us what he wants. ”

James had delivered the first three packs against Mainz in the Bayern jumper (BILD 1 rating). It has been loaned from the Royal family since summer 2017 (40 Bundesliga games, 14 goals). The loan comes to an end in the summer. Bayern isn't running the option, Colombia's star goes back to Real. Until 15 June, the recorder still has time to go.

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Photo: MICHAEL DALDER / Reuters

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Keep or drop: James (left) and Bayern coach Niko KovacPhoto: MICHAEL DALDER / Reuters

Salihamidzic on the other course: "Then, of course, Uli Hoeneß, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Niko Kovac and Hasan Salihamidzic will come together and make a decision. We are Bayern Munich, we all join. T got together. ' And also: "We'll speak in such a way that we'll leave the room at the end of the day and everyone agrees. That's how he works at Bayern."

Then he might be interested in what Caeneß … t

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