Börse Express – Circles: The EU Commission will act against the Siemens Alstom competition

The European Commission adjourn Wednesday afternoon
Information from the informed cycle of the designed design unit of Siemens
and Alstom to officially block. e
The EU Margrethe Vestager Competition Commissioner is expected to be
Information and reasons for its decision. The big project
the "Airbus because the railway is "away from the table.

The ICE maker Siemens wanted to get involved in the original railway industry
to join Alstom, an ITV producer to create a European format
Large corporate creation. The German business group should be involved
A large majority of the heavy industry
Get it, especially with its competition from the Chinese list
ought to. CRRC is the Chinese train producer in the number of people around the world
One, but it does not matter in Europe.

However, the EU Commission is worried
Opposition to & # 39; compete and disturb competition in a market within Europe
Users can harm. / asa / DP / zb

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