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Börse Express – Karl Lagerfeld's amazing symbols with Warren Buffett

Since Karl Lagerfeld's death almost two weeks ago, I've read a lot about it and I have seen some of his interviews. It was a fascinating story tale, but I do not want to write about it in these lines, it's getting it & # 39; A praise worthy of more than I can in other places.

Instead, I want to make a list of five amazing views between Grandmaster Fasan Karl Lagerfeld and Warren Buffett, who is the owner who hit me. Four of them show their amazing features, and a fifth looks unusual.

1. Books, books and more books

Although Karl Lagerfeld was a fashion designer, he always wanted to know everything in the world. That's why he has always read. He has collected over 300,000 books in his life.

Warren Buffett is also famous for her sweetheart to read. When he was ten, he had read every book about repository in his library. As a priority on how to prepare for a post as a museum, he said you should read 500 pages a day.

2. Simple terms

Karl Lagerfeld was sure enough contracts would be enough enough for good collaboration. The following commented about:

"I do not read contracts that are longer than a page because it's hard and unnecessary. And people should work together, you do not need a contract."

Warren Buffett is also a supporter of short contracts. It will take the following scene:

"I like to deal with people I'm experiencing to get a one-off contract. If I need to have 50 pages to protect myself The face of the person I'm dealing with, I'm always amazing if I needed 51 pages. "

3. Loyalty

Karl Lagerfeld introduced a new life into the fashionable home of Chanel and Warren Buffett churning with her; a declining cloth company Berkshire Hathaway to do. Both put loyalty into the individual company.

Karl Lagerfeld's contracts with Chanel and Fendi were for life, and Warren Buffett's life-work was in Berkshire Hathaway.

4. Work to old age

Karl Lagerfeld won the dedication for his work with Warren Buffett. Lagerfeld worked briefly before he died at the age of 80 (he does not know exactly the exact date he has decided), and Warren Buffett is still busy at age 88, which affects Berkshire Hathaway in the future.

5. Coca-cola

The choice of drinks is similar to Karl Lagerfeld and Warren Buffett. Lagerfeld liked Coca Diet and said he was drinking ten bottle in a day. In 2010 and 2011 there was even a bottle design for the drink.

Buffett is also a great benefit from Coca-Cola. He says he gets a quarter of his calories from Coca-Cola. His daughter says she never saw her father drinking drinking water.

Two amazing men

Interestingly, Karl Lagerfeld and Warren Buffett are interesting. Positive features seem to be totally post-industrial.

Karl Lagerfeld was one of the singers. This recommendation should not be restricted to the fashion industry.

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