Börse Express – ROUNDUP 4: Nissan Ghosn's self-managing Senior Manager

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YOKOHAMA / PARIS (dpa-AFX) – Three days after being named
Japan's Nissan engineer has financial faults
He spent his long term manager Carlos Ghosn. You are
The current decision is left by the CEO
"Delete," said company. That was by inspectors
A 64-year-old first captured this week in Japan because he is the opponent
It should have been a breach of the stock market situation

Leadership of the world's largest second carrier was discussed
on Thursday, the additional procedure in the affair. In addition to Ghosn
Reporters Monday Appointed as Director of Nissan, Greg Kelly. It is also
has now been discharged from his duties.

Japan's fall in Japan, according to spectators of earthquake
also in business. His Nissan era ended quickly: 1999,
For nearly 20 years, Brazil's native town continued
Catalog from Renault by the Japanese maker.
In the car confederation; There was already Mitsubishi then
involved. "Nissan or Mitsubishi would not be without Renault
more, "said Ferdinand Dudenhöffer's car expert online
South Westerly

According to internal surveys, it is expected that the managers pay
officially devolved official statements to Japanese Stock Exchange
in the case of Gosn is too low. The media had been reported
There are 5 in total for Over Five years since 2011
Millions of yen (about 40 million euros) and their income are too small.

Ghosn is still Renault's Chief of France. too
It is the management of the two-way long-distance partnership,
who is involved in both sides. Nissan has been decided
Yokohama will begin first to Ghosn, an advisory group
Now discuss debuggers who may be there. The maker
Especially committed to the Renault. According to the
Kyodo Japan news agency wants a board
Mitsubishi Motors Monday to discuss whether Ghosn is like
The Chairperson should be rejected.

Especially in France there are concerns about being there
Ghosn built a car empire and had control over it. I met in Paris
Economics and Finance Bruno Le Maire na Seapanach
Economic minister Hiroshige Seko The two were determined, according to Le
Maire's immorality that there are global governments
Car Confederation is to continue. The French state has come in
Renault has a huge impact yet, it holds 15% of it

In the native country of Renault, the distribution of dimensions that are further afield
It could be that way. Politics opposed to fracture
Laurent Wauquiez warned the maker to make it uncomfortable:
"We need to be very attentive," asked the head of his & her; party
Conservative Republican (Les Républicains) on the radio station

"It is my fear that it is the purpose behind its sorrow
Japanese disqualification (…) of the Renault-Nissan group
to stand – for blowing up, or to Renault inside
Wauquiez said that Renault is working hard
Government figures in France only about 47,000 people.

Le Figaro daily told France that Ghosn was
Renault and Nissan wanted to connect even more closely together. should be
So, they have praised praise for the show
Renault year figures in February next year to do that
Leaf announces anonymous source
recited. The newspaper also explained Nissan's manager as he said
The Renault / Nissan relationship should be more equitable in the future.

Renault was already on Tuesday Thierry Bolloré
Manual shipment. Ghosn had been Chief Executive.
Boreoré emphasized a video on Twitter that night's night
a company also in the & # 39; this ongoing case
to ensure business. It strengthens stability and care
to ensure that the interests of the Renault group are maintained, as such
I blew.

According to reports, Ghosn should not be with Renault in the longer term
his tenancy will take if the allegations are true. a
The Tokyo District Court had ruled on Wednesday there
Depressed managers were held first for another ten days
it should be.

In France, there is already an idea of ​​suspects to come
The Renault tip: also named Boreoré is also the leader
PSA car company , Carlos Tavares. The manager that works in & # 39;
Last year we made a press release by Opel
Renault's long experience. Dudenhöffer said
Looking for the "crown prince" Bolloré: "It's today
Interim notices transmitted. It would seem to have had a good chance in the future
to play even more important places. "

With its partnership created a huge network of companies. in
Allianz sold 10.6 million passenger cars last year
and light commercial vehicles. The largest car manufacturer in the Volkswagen world
followed only by heavy trucks and buses
more vehicles ab./cb/DP/he

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