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Vodafone want to be
Develop and design a web tool for things
circa 2000 extra trees. to
In September, the network is confined to a large 95% area of ​​the area
in Germany – and so they reach almost all
Milchkanne, the company said on Sunday. However, it does continue
the network is not a fifth moving (5G) generation t
but it uses LTE (4G). “The milk can be a symbol
holding 5G debates, "said Hannes Ametsreiter, head of Vodafone
Germany. "The new farmer will need the net." That's where it comes
not in the name of a technology.

Vodafone is currently one of the four providers
A rip of mobile radio frequency for the new 5G level
application. They will be classical network providers such as Vodafone
High requirements for expansion of network made in the area. Up to 5G in each place
Sradagan, but it takes time, Ametsreiter. "That teaches us that. T
Physics. "Vodafone then sent the device network to the existing one
LTE Network on it.

The small band using frequency is lower
in the 800 MHz band and so have a high range
– unlike the current rup frequency in the field
Two gigs and higher. However, the data migration rates are
relatively low. The web waves of the device will crawl in for however
also through thick walls of factories, cleaning stations or garages and is suitable
so too for making networks of things
Producer halls, construction sites or agriculture.
The network based on LTE should be re-used in the 5G network
is collated, known as Vodafone.

Also Telekom of Germany building their network offer
especially for current business applications. at
According to the information itself, Vodafone is the "device network"
Approximately 90 per cent of the LTE poles are Vodafone active / gri / DP / s

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