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Dortmund. In the second round of the DFB Cup, it will come on Tuesday evening to his game Borussia Dortmund – Werder Bremen, The

A legacy between Dortmund and Bremen In the DFB Cup, BVB fans remember souvenirs; An amazing end again in 1989, when Borussia scored 4-1.

Borussia Dortmund – Werder Bremen in his live trip

can Dortmund Bremen hit again this time? Can Werder get a bit of anxiety in the DFB Cup?

All information about the game Dortmund – Bremen You can find it in our live ticket.

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Dortmund: Oil Mallets – Diallo, Weigl, Toprak, Hakimi – Witsel, Delaney – Pulisic, Reus, Guerreiro – Gotze

Bremen: Pavlenka – Langkamp, ​​Bargfrede, Moisander – Gebre Selassie, Eggestein, Augustinsson – Sahin, Klaassen – Kruse – Rashica

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Dortmund – Bremen 1: 1 (1: 1)

aims: 0: 1 Rachica (5th), 1: 1 Reus (45. + 3)


58 minutes: Le Reus BVB believes the invasion game is important. Dortmundern regularly ran in the second half as far as each other.

54 minutes: Kruse ends at the edge of her; box. Oelschlägel is greatly grieved by his lion.

52 minutes: Fractalization starts halfway. Bumper duellan and paste have a picture shaped; game.

46 minutes: Let us go! At BVB Alcacer coming to Reus. Götze presents the position of the scoop to 1: 1, and Alcacer will be able to; go into the storm.

45. + 3 minutes: Break! With direct reference, both teams will be accessed to the huts. It is still exciting.

45. + 3 minutes: TOOOOR for BVB!

Witsel is just at risk of half-time whistle on the edge of Bremen's pension area. Reus's free stick secretly surrounds a dream in the & # 39; angle.

43 minutes: Weigl will play a & # 39; wall in front of her own punishment with her hand and seeing her & her; good yellow card. Kruse will split a & # 39; A dangerous boat is the goal of the following free war – the great march of Oelschlägel!

41 minutes: BVB fans understand that their team has difficulties and they need support. Black-and-yellow fans bring the team to a high level. If Dortmund disappeared from her & # 39; Sucks today: it would not certainly be fans.

37 minutes: The BVB is badly damaging. Do the guests control their equality before breaking?

Summary: A good chance for Werder!

Klaassen has a sufficient location on the left side of Bremen's attack and takes the flat ball on the mouth of Dortmund, where Rachica is free to come to an end. 1-0 score but did not hit the correct ball and push it; dance just next to the visit. Lucky for BVB!

29 minutes: Although BVB na Werder has many possessions, he is not familiar with doing it. At this time Borussia can not establish strong opportunities. Werder is a user protection.

23 minutes: After Werder played confidently at the beginning of his game, the guests come from their own half for ten minutes quickly. The BVB will increase the weight. Especially on Pulisic on the right, Dortmund's invasion ropes are after each other.

19 minutes: BVB bites back to the game. Dortmund has a lot of property now. Will you get a chance soon?

14 minutes: Guerreiro's arms are giving a free plow in front of Bremen's goal, where Moisander has been in a position; illuminating in poor need. After the corner, Götze succeeds slightly to a certain degree. After a low cross from Pulisic Götze was scratched by wall by Hackentrick bypassimeter from the post.

12 minutes: Werder Kohfeldt coach was named before the game that his team would only make behind. Without the warranty for the BVB opposition, Kohfeldt said. The Bremen coach did not say anything empty, his people appear in his / her; first level. The guests play confidently on. The most important thing is Rashica and Kruse; Find out more about a member in the first minute of the game than Dortmunders' love.

8 minutes: BVB is to respond quickly. Götze is released in the middle of the turbo range and its; The correct use of Pulisic, which offers a smooth member in front of Werder weather. There, however, the ball is easy to help for Pavlenka.

5 minutes: a love for Bremen!

Kruse carries a free car in front of the Dortmund visit, where Rachica is in a position; Bring out a non-transportable ball for Oelschlägel into the BVB goal.

4th minute: BVB is trying to control the & # 39; game at the beginning of its game. The home side allows its & # 39; a ball to run through their own fields and its; Looking for a vital gap in Werder's defense.

1st minute: Kick-off! The ball rolls. Who moves to the seasonal season? The BVB or Werder? The next 120 minutes will appear.

20:41: The players will go into bed. It can start.

20:35: Lightning night Cup. 80,000 spectators in Westfalenstadion. For the beauty of the night of football everything would have been done.

20:26: BVB Sports Director, Michael Zorc, told ARD: "It's a shame that his first two guardians fail, Jadon Sancho and Marcel Schmelzer have a & # 39; falling out, they're sick, we have to deal with it now. "

19:46: Indeed: Eric Oelschlägel is currently preserving the BVB goal. Luca Unbehaun replaces her & # 39; bench.

4:45 f: Bad news for BVB shortly before the cup comes against Werder. Le Roman Bürki and Marwin Hotz mourn the keeper number 1 and 2 appear as a result of flu. Find out how things will go into the BVB objective here.

3:39 f: The old BVB star, André Schürrle, has returned to Borussia Dortmund. The most expensive shift in the history of the club could return early this summer from Fulham to Dortmund. The reason is that in a clause in the loan agreement. Here is all the information.

1:48 f: Instead, remember BVB fans as a previous yearup match. The claimant Marc Ziegler was also a warrior around 16, when he punished Diego at the closing stages. Borussia Dortmund 2-1 won and finally sent to Berlin – where they lost 1: 2 after a time beyond Bayern Munich.

11.42 clock: Who remembers the final cup between Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen? It is nearly ten years ago that BVB had to close their league at home against Bremen in a 16th round. On January 28, 2009, Alexander Frei (11) Borussia was ahead, but Hugo turned Almeida (62) and Claudio Pizarro (80) are the game for the guests.

10.05 clock: At Paco Alcácer, there is an emergency right now. The BVB strives against the season in every game, and now has four games with no ambition. In a match against the Bremen coach, Lucien Favre could return the Spanish to her; bench first. As joker, Alcácer moved more frequently than he would go ashore from the beginning.

8.51 m: With a new Fanshop thing – especially for a Cup match against Werder Bremen – the BVB has been prepared for heat conversations among its fans. Most find it "just damaged". >> Without e

Monday, February 4th

16:22: BVB sent a secret tweet to the fans on Monday morning before a big riddle. What's behind, you can find out here.

15:05: Great news from Ur-Dortmunder! Kevin Grosskreutz and his Charo today gave them the word (here full information).

14:22: Last week, Shinji Kagawa, a large crowd with Borussia Dortmund, fell apart. The Japanese moved to Besiktas Istanbul and they first marked it, because it could not run (here's the information).

1:10 f: A humorous story about the old director of Borussia Dortmund. Michy Batshuayi came to Crystal Palace on the last day of the time to move. Firstly, his coach Roy Hodgson got dad from the change (here the whole story) first.

11:54: BVB Youssoufa Moukoko's high-performance talent at the weekend ranged from each post. In the Hoffenheim matchnament the young people celebrated a huge peat show (here's full information).

11:06: BVB fans featured choreo on Saturday. There were even Roman Weidenfeller without speech (here are the pictures and the concepts).

9.50 m: After 1: 1 in Frankfurt, the two BVB players and be accountable for the opportunity to use. What did Marco Reus, Lucien Favre and Co. Need? to say, you can read here.

8.58m: Last Saturday there was only a bVB traction. In Frankfurt, the Borussia did not get more than 1: 1. Everything is possible and information about the game here.

8:02: Hans-Joachim Watzke has spoken openly about his biggest loss as President of Borussia Dortmund. What is this game, you can find out here.

7.14m: Borussia Dortmund sat Paco Alcacer at the weekend. The striker could be more expensive for the BVB than he first thought (here is the contract details).

6:31: BVB fans good news: Tickets are cheaper to get cheaper. Tax deduction (here is the backup).

6:09: Good morning and we will welcome our live tickets for a game between Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen. Here you will learn all that you need to know your broadcaster.


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Game Game:

  • Start off: Tuesday, 5 February, 2019, 8:45 pm
  • Location: Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund
  • Exit: Felix Brych

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