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Burning gas cylinder in Vienna "controlled bullets" ""

Gas cylinders began to burn on a construction site in Vienna-Penzing on Thursday morning. With the threat of explosion, hundreds of workers were taken to safety from two nearby office buildings. At 11.30am the gas cylinder acetylene was killed by Cobra's officer. Thus, they were loose, the buildings were released again.

Forces were arrested at 8 o'clock to the company's range in Linzer Straße. A six-storey office building is currently under construction. The container was about 1.5 meters long (1.5 meters) long – on the pick-up site in an underground car park. It was used for cutting flame and had begun to fire the equipment. "I was just out getting tools." When I came back about 15 people came to me and they said, it will be leaking gas, "said Patrick Patrick Grossmann. T Nearly 50 people were working on the construction site and, in a few minutes, everyone was out and about.

Office building removed

Even the nearby office buildings, where up to 700 people were employed, had been evacuated, and a lot of the staff sent in. The traffic on Linzer Straße has never been affected.

Firefighters cooled the bottle a few lips away with water. "We will let the flame so that gas will not go out," said Christian Feiler fireman. The gas level in the bottle was not clear first. When she was burnt to a place where she was carried, emergency workers took her out. "Even when she was wearing it, it was still cooling," said Feiler. Eventually the bottle was placed in front of a concrete wall and removed the traffic from nearby paths.

Eight photographs

Detail of a special unit Cobra brought up eight pictures. It was used for artillery fuel. The project involves a pyrotechnic set which takes place when it is burned. "The bottle was burned as a toast," said Feiler.

The fire department consisted of ten vehicles and 40 people were employed. Also as part of Viennese's professional rescue disaster training Thursday, he was in the first place. At about 12 am the office buildings were demolished and the mission ended.


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