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Can we protect incentives in the future?

Generation may only be a gene that is important for promoting the neurons as we do; Improved and associated with depression helps to challenge uniquely social classical marks and loss of interest, at least in men.

Researchers at the Georgia Medical College at Augusta University have found out in their current research that a specific gene looks like; appears to include classical symptoms of depression, such as social isolation and loss of interest. The doctors published the results of their investigation in the English journal "Molecular Psychiatry".

When people suffer from depression, it is often marked by a lack of inspiration and bad adverse. (Image: Kittiphan /

SIRT1 operates drugs for depression treatment?

In their study, the experts investigated prefrontal scammering, a complex area of ​​complex and complex interaction, such as design, personalization and social behavior. These were found when the so-called SIRT1 gene was removed, which created signs of depression in the male mice. If there is a cause that depression begins in the & # 39; true life, a drug that SIRT1 puts the marks back, at least in men, explains the authors of the study. SIRT1 drugs that allow the normal upper levels of neuronal activity of neuron can be an effective cure for people who are extremely depressed, saying the experts.

SIRT1 manages cells power plants

The delivery (burning) of the signs and communication of the neurons is diminished. Other illnesses, such as manic behavior and catches, show much of the distribution distribution. Another other function of SIRT1 in brain cells is the regulation of the power plants of cells called mitochondria. The sciences found that at least SIRT1 in the men were influencing how these neurons were. usually encouraged by reducing the number of cell power plants and its; expresses a generation that is involved in power production. The behavior they have seen as a result is another indication of the importance of SIRT1 in managing enjoyment. They also found that the problem of dementia caused by the pressure of men's mice to operate SIRT1, which had previously ceased to be stressed.

There is no comparative effect in female animals?

The experts also saw that there was no effect on female mice. This was amazing because the SIRT1 change was first marked in a large survey of poor women. The physicians suggest that physical differences in the previous brain sector, such as differences in the number of neurons and synapses between men and women, can explain the gender differences to be found. The sciences already explore whether they are able to find similar similar differences in the & # 39; Hippocampus, another brain division that has an important role in depression and other diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

Anhedonia influence

People who are pregnant and misleading mice are very similar to their behavior. They show anhedonia called, a type of ability to & # 39; a joy and enjoyment. The doctors used the usual mice option to solve sweet sucrose to measure the density. If the animals are selected, they usually solve the beverage. At Anhedonia they do not miss that choice, but they have their interest; reduced. In addition, male mice do not want to get a social connection now and instead they will be a loner. They even have a & # 39; losing their interest in the sex and pheromones of women, explaining the science.

What causes dementia?

Drugs that have ever been used to use their depression should now be closely checked to find out what SIRT1 has a similar impact as a & # 39; used in the study. Typically the disease is caused by a variety of genetic and environmental factors. Some people tend to be born with a SIRT1 change that is depicted to mental illness, although the environmental factors are also infected. Participating when depression occurs, the review authors report. Such a SIRT1 series may be very rare and can only be linked to depression, can not be considered a cause. We know that the prefrontal lagoon participates in emotional responses and is involved in a & # 39; control of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which are essential for mood management. The problem of depression is related to the degree of non-functionality of this brain division, the writers of the survey will write.

A SIRT1 gene was first discovered in women

An analysis published in the magazine Nature in 2015 carried out surveys of 5,303 Chinese women with a serious bad disorder. In the survey, researchers identified one type of SIRT1 gene as one of two differences related to the disorder. The sciences again found in men. (Mar)

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